• Talented and Gifted Program


    What is the TAG Program?

    TAG is a program where students receive gifted or enrichment services one day per week. The student(s) attend a gifted resource class at his or her home school. It is a pull-out program, which means the student would go to this class instead of their regular class one day per week. This is related to the day TAG provides services for that grade. Students return to their classrooms for Specials, Lunch, and Recess.

    Parents may not refer their student or sign them up for the TAG program. Students are screened according to certain protocol on tests and class placement. This screening takes place twice a year. In the fall, there is an automatic screening where teachers review scores from previous testing and students with the top percentiles are flagged for testing. In the winter, teachers look at 10 characteristics (such as insight, humor, problem solving, and reasoning) and refer the student(s) based on the observable characteristics. Students must have at least 5 observable characteristics, plus supporting evidence from testing and placement to be referred for testing into the program. Once the student is identified in automatic or classroom screening, and they possess the supporting information needed, the student is referred for testing (a consent for testing is sent home).

    TAG teachers administer tests and gather the scores for mental ability, achievement, creativity, and motivation. Some of these tests are standardized tests such as MAP, CoGAT, Stanford, IOWA, Creativity tests, and Motivational rating scales. Some tests are administered on-line, and others are paper and pencil tests. Out of these 4 areas, students need to meet the requirements on 3 out of the 4 areas to become eligible for the program.

    The TAG classroom provides challenging interdisciplinary units based on the Talented and Gifted Standards, Georgia Performance Standards, and Georgia Standards of Excellence. It is Science and Social Studies based with a focus on Higher Order thinking skills, Creative Problem Solving, Advanced Communication, and Advanced Research.

    When students participate in TAG (resource classes) their assignments in their general education classes are either modified or eliminated depending on the student’s academic strengths. Students are required to maintain a satisfactory performance in their General Education and TAG classes to continue with TAG services. Once a student is placed in TAG they do not need to be retested. They will continue in the program providing their performance remains satisfactory.



What does it mean to be gifted?
  • TAG Schedule

    Monday- 1st grade (Robertson and Fragale)

    Tuesday- 5th grade (Robertson and Fragale

    Wednesday- 2nd grade (Robertson and Fragale)

    Thursday- 3rd grade (Hanks, Robertson, and Fragale)

    Friday- 4th grade (Hanks, Robertson, and Fragale)

  • Fall Testing Dates – Automatic Referral

    October 16 – November 3, 2023 


    Spring Testing Dates – CISS (Schoolwide Screening)

    February 12 – March 1, 2024


    All students are screened in January every school year using the CISS instrument. This identifies students with superior abilities in at least 5 or more of the following area: motivation, interests, communication skills, problem-solving abilities, memory, inquiry, insight, reasoning, creativity, and humor. However, students must meet further Fulton county and state of Georgia requirements in order to be tested. Students who meet either the automatic screening or the classroom screening criteria (CISS) and have supporting data gathered from test history, products, and/or advanced content levels are then referred for gifted testing.