Media Center Mission Statement

  • Media Center Mission: The mission of the High Point Media program is to encourage students to become problem solvers, risk takers, enthusiastic readers and lifelong learners. We will explore Digital Citizenship and what it means to be a good citizen in a digital world. Media and Technology classes are offered to all students and are aligned with the curriculum and the IB philosophy. Our lessons are developed in collaboration with classroom and support teachers. A quality, up to date collection of print and non-print resources is available and continually updated with stakeholder feedback to support and enrich the curriculum and encourage reading for pleasure both at school and at home. 

Media Center Policies and Procedures

  • Student Check Out Limits
    Kindergarten- one book
    1st-5th - 2 books
    Staff- unlimited books and materials
    The check out period is two weeks and books may be renewed.  
    Parents may check out books by request.

    Faculty Check Out Limits
          No limit on number  of resources
          Books - one month
          AV  materials  - one week
    *All lost materials must be paid for in order to continue to check out.
    Books are charged at the replacement  value. We do not accept book donations as replacements for lost items, since we need to purchase processed library bound books.

    Students, parents, and staff may request books to be added to the Media Center's Collection at any time.  The request is not a guarantee of purchase, but all requests will be considered for future book orders.

    Book Fairs:
    Book Fairs are held twice per year, and are managed by our PTO.

    Special Events:
    Special events and visiting speakers are scheduled with the Media Specialist as needed.

    Green Screen Wall:
    You may have noticed that our back wall is painted bright green!  This serves as a green screen recording backdrop! Our favorite green screen app is DoInk, and we are also looking at using other recording apps to produce projects.

    E-books are available via Mackin Via and Follett Destiny within Launchpad.  EPIC is not an approved FCS resource at this time for school use. 

    Audio Books
    Our media center has several "Playaway" devices with audio books.  These devices require AAA batteries and a set of headphones for students to listen to books and follow along with printed copies of the books. For the list of Playaways, see the "Playaway" Resource List in Destiny.
    *All lost materials must  be paid for at the end of the year. Students will need to pay for lost items before checking out additional items.  If all items are lost, students may read books from the Lending Library or Classroom Libraries.
    Books and AV materials are charged at their replacement value.

    A DVD form needs to be given to the principal before viewing a DVD in the classroom. The form is found on the Fulton Schools website, or by requesting from the METI.
    If you show a DVD that is PG you must have a permission form signed by a parent from each student. The form can be found in the teacher's handbook.

    Launchpad is available for all FCS students and staff. Many technology resources will login automatically when students login to launchpad.

    Volunteer Sign Up 
    Parents can sign up to volunteer in the media center by clicking on this link sign up link.
    Digital Media
    Safari Montage, Brainpop, EasyTech Keyboarding, and many other resources are provided for all FCS staff and students. These resources are available through Launchpad.

    Mini METIs
    One student per classroom in grades 1-5 will serve as the Mini METI for the year.  The Mini METIs will assist with classes in the Media Center, help check in books, and provide assistance to peers and new students. Teachers select these students early in the school year.

    WPAW News Show
    Each Spring all 4th grade students are eligible to apply to become WPAW News Crew Members. Becoming a crew member is a privilege and honor for High Point's 5th graders. Students work in the mornings with the METI to brainstorm, storyboard, create, and develop news stories using iPads and several recording apps. All students, teachers, and parents in may submit stories to air on the show using the folders in our Google Drive. Teachers must approve all student submissions.


  • MEDIA CENTER HOURS: 7:30-2:00 
    Students may visit with their entire class, an adult, or a "Golden Ticket" hall pass during the open hours. Each classroom has 2 Golden Tickets for students to use with teacher permission. Teachers may schedule whole class visits on the Media Center Google Schedule.

    Our schedule is posted for teachers to sign up for extra check-out visits. 
    Classes visit to work with the METI on a rotating schedule.
    Students may visit any time they need to return and check out a book they have finished reading. Teachers may send students to conduct research, or work on projects, get help finding great books or with technology, or have extra time to read.



Degrees and Certifications:



Degrees and Certifications: