• Taylor Road Middle School is part of the Northeast Learning Community located in Johns Creek. 


    Academic Highlights:

    • Continuous Achievement in both English/Language Arts and Mathematics. 
    • We have many students taking high school level courses in math, language arts, physical science, art, and world languages.
    • World language courses allow students to earn high school credit at the 8th grade level.
    • Accelerated Spanish language courses are offered allowing students to complete 2 full years of high school Spanish by the end of 8th grade.
    • Several options for 8th grade students to earn high school credit through connections and start on a Pathway for high school:  Engineering, Music, Digital Technology, Art
    • Academic programs for all levels of learners
      • Talented & Gifted classes in all core content areas
      • Special Education offerings include resource classes and team taught classes
      • Speech/Language for qualified students
      • English Language Learners program
      • Extra academic support through RTI and connections classes
    • Laptops are issued to all students
    • A School Governance Council which supports our Strategic Plan
    • Active PTA supporting our school strategic plan





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