• CLUBS AT RIDGEVIEW - 2019-2020


Description Primary Club Contact Meeting Dates/Times Student Activity/Events
The purpose of Sociedad Hispánica de Amistad is to build well-rounded, global-minded students by promoting Spanish language, culture, and community service. (For SHA) Tucker Last Wednesday of every month from 8:15-8:45 PM. Officers also meet First Friday of every month during lunch. Special meetings will be called for upcoming major events. Open House, Induction Ceremony, Hispanic Heritage Dinner, Hispanic Heritage Assembly, Linguapalooza
The No Place for Hate club’s mission is to create a school environment that promotes friendship, respect and inclusion for all students. Lorri Connor (Flexible & due to change) Wednesdays 4:15-5:15 and some mornings at 8:15 The club members used their iPads to photograph student hands for the "Friendship Has No Color" project last year and was responsible for the mural in the lower level bus entrance. We focus on activities that beautify the school but also promotes friendship and respect.
An international organization inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. We focus on the development of the whole girl, supporting, mentoring, and guiding girls in an affirming, pro-girl environment. Girls learn to value their whole selves, discover and develop their inherent strengths, and receive the support they need to navigate the challenges they face. Kayleigh Ethayananth and Kalessia Chester Thursday Afternoons 4:15-5:15 room 627 weekly meetings, two off-campus learning/service opportunities (TBD)
The Beatles: Google Classroom code is p2skra. This club will introduce students to The Beatles from Liverpool in the 1960's to present day. The students will know the early history of the Fab Four and learn the albums and songs. Dan Sarago (The Beatles) Every other Friday from 8:15-8:45 in room 612 starting September 13th. N/A
Step team is an athletic club that promotes learning and performing the art of step in addition to hip hop dance movies. (For Step Team) Cruver/Tucker Mondays and Wednesdays 4:15-5:15 PM Basketball Half-times, Black History Assembly, Georgia Stepping League Competitions
To promote fun service activities through the IB/MYP framework. Mrs. Abraham (RCMS Global) First Friday of the Month and as needed per project. Sandy Spring Heritage Festival Fundraiser, Valentines Day Grams, Hurricane Fundraisers.
A faith-based club where athletes and students in other activities can come together and learn about God, listen student-led devotionals about common life topics, and support one another. Anyone is welcome - not just athletes! Stefani Shepherd Friday’s at 8:15 am Listen to worship music, play icebreaker/team building games, participate in group discussions about life topics and bible verses, share highs and lows of each week, and pray for one another.
A club for Harry Potter aficionados to join and gather for the purpose of discussing the Harry Potter (And associated) series Nicole Motahari, Erica Peddi Every other Tuesday of the Month, beginning 9/24 N/A
To develop the contents of the yearbook. Mrs. Abraham, Mrs. Kosloski TBA Students will take pictures of all of the major events that happen in the RCMS community. This includes Fun Fridays, Panther Parties, Hispanic Heritage Month Assembly, Black History Month Assembly, PBIS Assemblies, Sports Events/Games, Class projects and other community events.
Students gain a good knowledge base as to how sound and music are related, and what distinguishes them from each other. They come to understand that sound is a form of energy that travels through a medium. Through demonstrations and experiences with glass bottles, tuning forks and stringed instruments, students realize that music can be loosely defined as organized sound. This prepares students for the associated activity, in which they use rubber bands and boxes to make basic stringed instrumen S. Bell (Engineering in Music) First Thursday of every month from 4:15 - 5:15 p.m. Extended learning, after this lesson, students should be able to: Explain that sound is a form of energy. Explain the relationships between pitch, frequency and wavelength (as frequency increases, pitch increases, and as wavelength increases, pitch decreases). List different media through which sound waves can travel. Explain that music is the organization of sound.
Game Club is a club for board gaming. Learn and play new strategies in various types of games. Dr. Kathleen McCaffrey Tuesdays 4:15-5:15 We will play many types of games: strategy, "take that," push your luck, tile placement, worker placement, engine building, dice games, etc in a variety of fun themes.
Students who participate in Ridgeview's Green Team will be contributing to the care of our Earth by working hard to recycle thousands of pounds of paper. Students will help to raise awareness of everyone's role as citizens and caretakers of our environment. We will do our part to support the Earth who supports us all. Daniel / Ferrari Wednesdays after school 4:15-5:15 Students collect paper recycling around the school
Art Club will meet to allow students the chance to create art of their own Andy McGraw Monday 4:25 Students will be contributing to the Fall Drama/Art showcase
The Science Fair Club is provided for 8th grade students that are completing science fair projects. The club is available as an opportunity for group members to collaborate and work on their science fair projects. Susie Richerson Mondays 4:15 - 5:15pm Students are working together to complete science fair projects by the end of the 1st semester. The culminating RCS science fair will be displayed in the RCS Media Center December 16 through 18th.
The Student government serves as a liaison between students and administration, acting as the voice of the populace and relaying ideas from the students. Nicole Motahari, Tonya Dolan Fall 2019 Spring 2020 9/17 1/14 10/1 1/28 10/15 2/11 10/29 2/25 11/12 3/10 11/26 3/24 12/10 4/14 4/28 5/12 Spring Dance, Possible Winter Festival
Coloring Club is for anyone who enjoys coloring for relaxation or creative expression. Students color pictures from coloring pages but they can also color art they create themselves. It is a fun time to meet new friends and relax before school. Jessica Nichols Every Friday morning from 8:15-8:45 I have no specific activity that would need to go on the calendar.
The Mitzvah Club is a Jewish student service organization open to all students of the Ridgeview community Dr. Marny Murovitz Every other Wednesday morning at 8:15 in 844.