Media Center Mission Statement

  • The mission of the PDW Media Center is to provide students the opportunity to become lifelong users of informaiton and creators by providing equitable access to informaiton, resources, training, and collaboration while emphasizing informaiton and digital literacy. We strive to support the curriculum through collaboration with teachers, and developing a collection that is representative of our communinty.

Vision Statement

  • We seek to create a 21st-century environment that promotes learning and the love of reading for all students. We strive to be the center of collaborative learning that is flowing with innovation, collaboration, curiosity, adaptability, critical inquiry, and transliteracy. We aim to facilitate our students' endeavors by encouraging them to be explorers, creators, critical thinkers, effective digital citizens, and instill in them a respect for themselves and others.

Media Specialist

  • Ms. Garcia



Media Center Hours

  • 8:25-3:30

    Pass from teacher required!