• Building a community of life-long learners, problem solvers and leaders.


    At SSCMS, teachers and staff share a personal commitment to helping their students achieve academic excellence. By utilizing a team approach to teaching, and by focusing on each student’s ability and not just their chronological age, the teachers and staff at SSCMS help students set and achieve meaningful academic goals. 

    We follow the award-winning Fulton County Curriculum, which meets both the Georgia Standards of Excellence and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Accrediting Division standards. SSCMS’ interdisciplinary teaching approach allows for teaching of the whole student, as well as learning at a pace that best suits each student’s individual needs.

    Our team teaching structure is perfectly matched to our POD learning environment, where each grade is housed in its own wing of the school. Students are encouraged to take ownership of their education, and our rigorous curriculum, combined with a broad assortment of extracurricular activities, encourages each student to follow their own individual passions and pursuits.