• Recovery and Incomplete Policy 



    o All students will have one (1) attempt to redo/retake summative assignments
    o Eligibility for a redo/retake is for students who receive a 79 or below. To qualify for this, the student must have completed & submitted all formatives associated with that summative.
    o Students are eligible to earn a replacement grade on a redo/retake no higher than 79
    o Student redo/retakes must be completed before the next summative assessment is given or 5 school days before the end of a marking period if there is not another summative assessment given (exceptions can be made for students who have excused absences during this five-day window)


    o Fulton County Schools will adopt a NO ZERO policy for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year
    o Students with missing assignments will be given an Incomplete (I) and *a temporary placeholder score of one (1). After receipt and grading of the missing assignment, the teacher will replace the one (1) with the earned grade.
    o Students who have not completed 80% of their summative assessments will be given an Incomplete (I) for the marking period
    o All Incompletes for credit-bearing courses must be resolved by the end of summer school 2021 or those grades will revert to a withdrawal failure (WF).
    o The district is working on procedures for students to clear Incompletes for non-credit bearing courses
    *a RTMS-only practice