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About Our School

  • Headland High School was one of South Fulton County's best high schools during its existence of the years 1956-1982. Construction began on Headland in 1955 and was completed in January of 1957.

    Since the school wasn't completed by September of 1956, the students attended double sessions at Russell High School with the Wildcats. Twenty-one faculty members were chosen for the new school and Mr. Paul R. Lewis was appointed as its Principal. In October of 1956, the student body was given the opportunity of choosing a school nickname and colors. After a spirited campaign and election, the name Headland Highlanders was chosen and red and black were selected as the school colors.

    The student body met for the first time in the new building on January 30, 1957. The building was dedicated and presented to the student body on February 24, 1957. The first graduating class was in 1959 with a total of 72 students; its last class, in 1982, had a total of 98 graduates. At its population peak during the mid-sixties, Headland was over-flowing. The class of 1965 had the largest graduating class with 285 students. Lakeshore High School and Briarwood High School helped relieve the growth.

    During its existence, Headland became known for its excellent sports programs, outstanding music department, and high academic standards. During the sixties, Headland won four State AA Championships: in 1961, the Highlanders went all the way in their surprise victory for the State basketball win. Three more State wins in baseball, 1964, 1965 and 1969, made the Highlanders rulers of the diamond. During this time, they were also rated tops in football and track & field. The seventies saw the Highlanders win seven (boys and girls) State A track & field and cross country championships.

    The Highlander Marching band became known for its style and grace. The band performed at all football games, pep rallies, concerts and plays. They marched in the Cherry Blossom Parade in Washington D.C. in 1964, the Easter Parade in St. Augustine in 1969, and the Orange Bowl Parade in 1970 and again in 1974.

     The Choral Department at Headland was always getting rave reviews whenever there was a performance. Headland's faculty was superb. With their help, many students were guided into professions that they are still working at today.

    As other schools opened during the seventies, Headland's population dwindled. Although still a fine school, the Fulton County Board of Education's school consolidation plan saw a need for a change. They decided to close both Headland and Briarwood High and combine them into Woodland High School which would be housed at old Briarwood. Old Headland would become Paul D. West Middle School. The last class graduated in June of 1982. Headland High School officially ceased to exist July 1, 1982.

World Languages

  • Spanish


    Mandarin Chinese

Special Programs

  • AVID




    Family Consumer Science


School Contact Information

  • Paul D West Middle School

    2376 Headland Drive

    East Point, GA 30334


    Phone: (470) 254-8130

    Fax: (470) 254-8121

    School Hours:  8:25 AM - 4:05 PM
    Doors Open for Students - 8:25 AM
    For the safety of our scholars, please refrain from dropping them off prior to 8:20 AM

School General Info

  • Learning Zone: 

    Zone 2

    Zone Superintendent:

    Dr. Tamara Candis

    Board Member:

    Katie Gregory 

    Feeder Schools
    •Tri-Cities High School 

    •Conley Hills Elementary School

    •Hamilton E. Holmes Elementary School

    •Hapeville Elementary School

    •Parklane Elementary School