• Matthew Donahoe, Principal

    Susan Gowin, Assistant Principal


    About Our School

    River Eves opened its doors in August of 1996.

    Family, Community & Commitment are more than just words at River Eves Elementary.  They are a way of life that we put into practice every day. Working collaboratively with parents and community members, teachers nurture and promote self-worth and respect for all learners. River Eves typifies a true neighborhood school surrounded by a supportive residential community.  We are exceptionally proud of our diverse student demographics and embrace the fact that we have students from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, races, and walks-of-life!  

    Parent volunteers are welcome to support the school through a streamlined district vetting process that can be accomplished electronically by accessing a link that is provided by Fulton County Schools; know that this process must be completed and finalized before anyone is allowed to volunteer in any fashion within the school.  We pride ourselves on being holistically minded by emphasizing and providing a rigorous curriculum, instructional technology, and exposure to the fine arts.  River Eves is a state-certified STEM school where scientific and mathematical inquiry, critical-thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving are embedded within learning environments.  Students have consistent access to our “STEM Lab” & "Aquaponics Lab" via the special’s rotation.  The “Aquaponics Lab” was established through our "River Eves Education Foundation" (REEF).  Aquaponics instruction is accomplished where students receive additional "doses" of inquiry-based lessons.  Project-based learning is a key component of Aquaponics instruction and is an integral element of STEM certification; lab experiences directly support state science standards at each grade-level.  The River Eves “STEM Lab” is where students gain consistent exposure to the “Engineering Design Model” (EDM) that drives the scientific thinking process for students.  River Eves is also recognized as a Georgia “PBIS Distinguished School”, as well an AVID certified school.  To learn more about PBIS & AVID, please access the portions of the website that provide descriptive explanations about these frameworks.   

    The school community comes together regularly for family events, book fairs, talent shows, student productions/concerts, field day activities, as well as a multitude of other “Family First” gatherings. 

    Eagle Family!  Eagle Community!  Eagle Commitment! 

    We are one!  We are River Eves!  Rise up, eagles!

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    Kindergarten - 5th Grade


    School Day

    7:40 a.m. - 2:20 p.m.



    Navy Blue, Hunter Green and White





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    Feeder Schools

    Holcomb Bridge Middle School

    Centennial High School