• FCS Strategic Plan 2022

Strategic Plan Overview

  • At the beginning of the 2017-18 school year, Fulton County Schools rolled out the new Strategic Plan 2022. This plan serves as a guide and a focus for our work as a district and a community over the next several years. It is intended to ensure that all stakeholders – including the school board, district staff, principals, teachers, students, parents and community members – are working toward a shared set of goals and priorities.

    Strategic Plan 2022 articulates what should be true for FCS's graduates and a set of four focus areas that outline what we will be known for as a district by 2022 (see figure below).


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Strategic Plan 2022 Infographic. Text of this graphic is available on page below.

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  • Our Goal is to prepare all students to graduate ready to pursue and succeed on their chosen paths.



    • We prepare students with strong academic foundations and the skills needed to navigate life beyond graduation.


    • We provide a welcoming environment and positive school and district culture for students, families and employees.


    • We engage families, community members and civic organizations as active partners.


    • We manage and protect public funds and assets through efficient and effective use of available resources.


    At Fulton County Schools (FCS), we are dedicated to our mission to educate every student to be a responsible, productive citizen. We also are committed to our vision that all students will learn to their full potential. This strategic plan provides a focus for our district’s work to support that mission and vision by identifying our top priorities for the next five years.

    We know that a high school diploma is critical for today’s students, but a diploma alone is not enough to ensure success after high school. With that in mind, we will ensure that FCS students graduate prepared to pursue their chosen paths — whether college, career or military — and to succeed on those paths after high school. To support this goal over the next five years, we will focus deeply on student achievement, develop effective school and district cultures, engage families and community members, promote fiscal responsibility and focus on effective communications with all stakeholders. These will be our top priorities across the district and the things we aim to be known for in the years to come.