• Clinic

    If you have a student with a medical condition, please complete the appropriate paperwork which you can find under forms. This paperwork must be updated every year. If possible, it is best to do this over the summer so that we have the necessary information to care for your student and any required medication at the beginning of the school year. Please remember that any prescription medication form must also be signed by the prescribing physician.

    Per FCBOE Guidelines, high school students may carry over the counter medications in the following categories with them during the school day, field trips or other school-related activities. ALL MEDICATIONS MUST BE IN THEIR ORIGINAL CONTAINER.
    •Cough or throat lozenges
    •Oral antihistamines

    Please read over the FCBOE Medication Guidelines document for policy and procedure with regard to medication administration and storage for all over the counter medications, prescription medications and rescue medications.

    If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment to discuss your student's health care needs, please contact the clinic assistant.

  • Clinic Assistant: Sharinette Johnson

    Email: johnsons15@fultonschools.org

    Phone: 470-254-7108



    Cluster Nurse: Jayna Brosmer, RN

    Email: Brosmer@fultonschools.org

    Phone: 678-472-7534