• School Counseling

    The School Counseling program is an integral part of the middle school experience. The purpose of this communication is to inform parents of the services available to assist students with their personal and academic needs.

    Role of the School Counselors

    The counseling program is designed to help students understand themselves as individuals who have personal worth, potential, and unique abilities, but who also share social responsibilities. It is developmental in nature and attempts to provide a continuous sequence of activities to foster growth in the areas of personal development including interpersonal skills, decision-making skills, citizenship skills, study skills, self-management, self-concept, and communication skills. Counseling programs are proactive and preventive, seeking to meet needs and to avert crisis situations. Counselors offer individual and group counseling, classroom guidance, career education opportunities, school entry and schedule information. 

    Appointments with Counselors

    Counselors are available to all students and parents/gaurdians. Students may request an appointment in the counseling office. Parents/guardians may arrange for a conference or consultation by calling/emailing their child’s counselor for an appointment. Counseling is a voluntary and confidential service.


    Contact Information

    Maria Gavenchak

    Counseling Professional Assistant

    Phone: 470-254-8516
    Fax: 470-254-3036


    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Counseling Department is to build a comprehensive developmental counseling program addressing the academic, career, and personal/social development of all students. Programs developed by the Counseling Department will be driven by the unique ethnic, cultural, and economic diversity of the entire student population with the end goal of removing barriers to student learning and encouraging achievement at the highest level for each student. Through a partnership with students, educators, parents, and the community, the  Counseling Department will prepare students academically and socially to be productive members and leaders of society.


    Students are thinkers, learners and leaders who achieve at the highest level. All students will transition to middle school capable of successfully continuing on the path of college and career readiness. Because of the skills and knowledge that students gain , they will be sought after and competitive in the global workforce. Supported by a comprehensive counseling program that works in conjunction with school staff, parents, local government and businesses, students impact our community with a strong emphasis on empathy and a deep appreciation of diversity. The counseling program will ensure that all students feel encouraged, supported and prepared to be high achieving thinkers, learners and leaders who take responsibility for their personal growth throughout their academic and professional careers.

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