Helpful Registration Hints: 


    1. Collect and individually scan all required registration documents prior to beginning the online registration. The scans must be legible and preferably in .pdf format.

    2. When you begin an online registration, a link to the application will be emailed to you. If you are using a Gmail account that link often ends up in the SPAM folder. Please monitor your inbox or SPAM folder for an email from Infinite Campus.

    3. Multiple students may be entered onto one application. Simply continue to add new students to the application, even if they are to attend different schools.

    4. Lake Windward Elementary understands that medical forms may be delayed. You may submit your registration and provide both medical forms prior to the first day of school for summer registrations. For student registrations after the start of the school year and from outside the State of Georgia, a 30-day waiver may be granted to allow time to obtain both medical forms required for registration.

    5. Email your application number to LWEregistration@fultonschools.org after submitting your registration


     For additional questions, please contact LWE Registration: LWEregistration@fultonschools.org