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Welcome To District Health Services


    District Health Services Believes:

    "Children must be healthy to be educated, and educated to be healthy"

    Dr. Jocelyn Elder, Former U.S. Surgeon General


    District Health Services (DHS)

    School House RN This department believes that optimal learning requires good health. DHS works to ensure the health and well-being of students and staff by developing, implementing, and delivering school health services and programs. The office includes a Director, 2 Professional Assistants III, and 23  Registered Nurses (19 Cluster Nurses and 6 Special Education Nurses). All DHS Nurses bring years of pediatric and healthcare experience.

    DHS delivers school health services through a team approach with registered nurses and clinic assistants who work in the school clinics. District Health Services serves as a resource for all school health related issues.

    Programs and Services

    • Oversight of the school-based clinics
    • First Aid and CPR Training
    • Coordination of the district Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Program
    • Immunization audit compliance oversight and assistance
    • Oversight of State Mandated Screenings
    • Provide health education and inservice trainings
    • Promotion of wellness activities
    • Management and prevention of communicable diseases
    • Emergency care and crisis intervention
    • Provides direct care to medically fragile students

    District Health Services and Academic Success

    There is a clear connection between school nursing interventions and student's success in classrooms. School Nurses help:

    • Manage acute and chronic illnesses
    • Reduce the number of students sent home sick and reduce unnecessary absenteeism due to health related issues
    • Establishing policies and procedures for school health issues and procedures
    • Provide and coordinate school health screenings (vision and scoliosis)
    • Identify and address health related barriers to learning
    • Support nutritional, comfort and clothing needs

    National Sickle Cell Awareness Month-September



    National School Backpack Awareness Day - Courageous Christian Father

    September 20, 2023

    National School Backpack Awareness Day on September 20, strives to make sure students wear backpacks safely. Improper use can lead to back pain or injury, which can impact learning. On this day, teachers, students and parents come together to make sure families are aware of the risks — and that backpacks are being worn properly. It’s for the children.