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Become a Community Partner

FCS knows community partnerships and collaboration add value when done in service of improved student outcomes. Your contribution matters. Better collaboration with the community also supports telling our story, supports our schools, and prepares our students for their chosen paths. We want school leaders to be able to easily engage community organizations and understand the help they can provide. We want community organizations to easily access the resources and data they need to tailor programming to meet our students' needs.

Some of our students need more support and services than our schools can provide. Therefore, FCS partners with community organizations to provide partnership and afterschool enrichment programs that align with schools' strategic plans. For programs to be successful, strong coordination is required between the school and the community organization and is often solidified with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). If your organization wants to organize an event at a school, you will need to coordinate with the school Partnership Coordinator or principal designee. View more about how community partnerships form at FCS schools in the Partnership Program Toolkit.

When your business, civic group or faith organization partners with the district, a school or a classroom, your contributions of time, talent or financial support help Fulton County Schools achieve its goal to ensure all students are successful.

For questions specific to partnerships in Fulton, contact Samantha Maxey for more information on how you can get involved.

You can also initiate a school or district partnership by starting an Annual Partnership Agreement Form.

Please consider partnering with Fulton County Schools


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