Fulton County Charter Schools

  • According to the Fulton County Schools Board Policy, the purpose of Fulton's Charter School Portfolio is twofold:

    • To provide high quality, innovative and standards based opportunities for students.
    • To replicate success practices throughout the system, thus accelerating student learning.


    Our Responsibilities

    1. It administers the General Charter Application process as well as the Request for Charter Petition process
    2. The department monitors and evaluates the operations of charter schools. This includes compliance to applicable laws, un-waived county practices and the performance objectives detailed in the charter contract.
    3. Annual evaluations of the charters are regularly given to the governing boards and Fulton County Board of Education to allow for remediation.
    4. Successful practices are disseminated to the system for possible replication.
    5. Failed practices that are not remediated are considered when the charter applies for renewal.​

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