What is the Bridge To Success?

  • The Bridge To Success Plan is Fulton County Schools' three-year comprehensive plan and transformational investment to help students recover from learning loss resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure student achievement, growth, and success.

FCS Mobile Learning Experience

Fulton County Schools students in the Banneker High School feeder pattern, are ready and set to show their scientific knowledge as they “level up” to connect, collaborate, and participate in a new STEM Mobile Bus Exploration Experience. Beginning March 2022, the STEM Exploration Bus Team is scheduled to bring excitement to school field trips, consisting of hands-on STEM activities and cooperative learning, directly to the doorsteps of each elementary school in Zones 1 and 2. Read the full story here.

A Message from Our CFO, Marvin Dereef

Bridge To Success Goals

  • The Bridge To Success Plan aims to bridge the current state of students to future success by achieving the following performance outcomes in three years:

    FCS Students will recover from the COVID-19 learning disruption.
    FCS Students will record the highest growth averages in the Atlanta Metro Area.
    FCS Staff will demonstrate fidelity of implementation for all tiers of instruction.
    FCS Stakeholders will report satisfaction and approval of district performance.

Bridge To Success Priorities

  • To ensure the impact of COVID-19 to student learning and success is limited, the district has established the following parameters as priorities for the next three years (2021 – 2023):

    We will prioritize safe environments for face-to-face instruction.
    We will utilize the FCS Bridge to Success plan to recover from learning disruption.
    We will establish transformative approaches to literacy instruction.
    We will develop our leaders throughout the organization using High Quality Professional Learning.
    We will improve and expand existing program options for students, staff, and parents.
    We will ensure continuity of district operations.
  • Bridge To Success