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    The mission of the Fulton County Schools Archives is to collect, preserve, and share the history of the Fulton County Schools and the Fulton County Board of Education. The FCS Archives preserves & maintains a wide range of historic materials such as board minutes, school yearbooks, and a/v recordings. While serving the public as a repository for these historical collections, the FCS Archives, in partnership with the Teaching Museum, is creating classroom resources from these artifacts so that students can learn firsthand how various events in history impacted our school system and communities.

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    Railroad Signal Lamp

    May 2024
    Railroad Signal Lamp: An Innovation in Communication

    Some primary sources help us to fully understand the impact of scientific inventions on human history. This edition of Curiosity Corner examines a piece of railroad history with surprising connections to our modern world - a look at the way we communicate when our very safety depends on it. 

    Check out past editions of Curiosity Corner below. 


    Fulton and Dekalb School Bond Vote

    March 2024
    Political Cartoons: The Art of Influence

    For centuries, caricaturists and political cartoonists have entertained us with their brief, often-humorous look at current events. But how much do we really stop and examine the power of the cartoon and its capacity to inspire both political and social change? This edition of Curiosity Corner examines this time-honored art form and its undeniable impact on our history. 

    Viewlex Previewer Jr.

    January 2024
    Instructional Technology: The Cutting Edge of Education

    Just as technology has continued to evolve, so too has the way we use it to teach and learn. This edition of Curiosity Corner explores how the evolution in technology has impacted the classroom and opened up new opportunities for students of all ages. 

    Union Rug Floor Loom

    September 2023
    The Union Loom: Weaving Together Science and History

    Making cloth for clothing and shelter has always been a necessity. But what happens when that process is perfected through innovations designed to make production more efficient? The answer is an evolution in textile technology that has historical connections to the modern computer. This edition of Curiosity Corner explores the story behind the Union Loom - from how it works to how it influenced modern inventions.

    Black History Month at Parklane ES

    February 2023
    Black History Month in Fulton County Schools

    In 1926, the inaugural celebration of the achievements and contributions of African Americans was established by black scholars and educators. Nearly a century later, Black History Month is celebrated through performances, programs and events across the country  - and even the world. This edition of Curiosity Corner illustrates the way in which the students and teachers of Fulton County have celebrated this annual observance and also explores the very history of Black History Month.

    Signal Electric Manufacturing Co. Practice Set R-68

    December 2022
    The Telegraph and the Communications Revolution

    Some inventions come along and change the world forever. So it is with a communication device invented nearly two centuries ago. This edition of Curiosity Corner features an electric telegraph key from the Teaching Museum technology collection to examine how humankind's methods for communicating evloved from smoke signals to text messages.

    Russell High School ROTC Band, 1933

    October 2022
    Marching Bands and School Spirit

    The history of marching bands in the US is a long one. It traces its origins back to colonial military units, but has evolved to include halftime shows, parades and competitive performance events. In this Curiosity Corner, we look at the marching bands of Fulton County - where they came from and what they have become. It is a story of dedicated educators, students and alum, who have marched together through the last century.


    Kasai Velvet

    February 2022 
    Textiles of the Kuba Kingdom 

    Textiles have always played an essential role in the lives of people. But they also offer us a look into cultures  around the world. This edition of Curiosity Corner features textiles of the Kuba Kingdom, a confederation of several ethnic groups located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. For centuries, they have produced cloth that has served as currency, identified royalty and influenced some of the most well-known western artists in history.  


    Pvt. Amos Duncan

    November 2021
    A Tradition of Service: Celebrating Our Veterans

    The Fulton County School System has long provided our armed forces with men and women dedicated to protecting the freedoms we cherish. This edition of Curiosity Corner honors our veterans by featuring stories preserved in the Fulton County Schools Teaching Museum and Archive - stories that connect the honored with those who honor them. 

    Izzy pin

    August 2021
    Olympic Pins: A 25-Year Anniversary of the Centennial Olympic Games

    Olympic pins have been a fascination for athletes and fans of the games since the first Olympiad of the modern era in 1896; making it one of the most popular and enduring "sports." So when the Olympics came to Atlanta one hundred years later, pin collectors from around the world gathered in Centennial Olympic Park to gather, buy and trade these treasures. This edition of Curiosity Corner looks back, 25 years later, at the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta - and the legacy it left behind - through the Olympic pin collection housed at the Fulton County Schools Teaching Museum. 



    Map and People

    April 2021
    World Letters: The American Travelogue for Students

    In the 1930s, most American children could only dream of traveling around the world and experiencing life in another country; that is, until one man's journey to points across the globe gave students back home an intimate look at what the world beyond was really like. This edition of Curiosity Corner chronicles the historic journey of George Pierrot, an American traveler, who in 1937-38 shared his encounters with other cultures in a series of 34 letters written to the students of North Avenue Elementary School in Fulton County 

    Portrait of JF Beavers, 1956

    February 2021

    What's In a Name: Legacies in Black Education

    Have you ever wondered from where a school got its name? This edition of Curiosity Corner explores that very question, by looking at the schools of Fulton County, their unique histories, and the tradition of honoring those who labored so hard to establish schools for all children. In recognition of Black History Month, the Fulton County Schools Archives offers a history of Black education and educators since the days of Reconstruction. 

    Image of model log cabin

    November 2020

    The Little Log Cabin: Life at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

    Log cabins have been celebrated in American iconography for decades. They bring to life the image of the pioneer days, a time when homes were carved out of the rural landscape. This Curiosity Corner takes a look at life at the turn of the century through the lens of the Teaching Museum's Model Log Cabin exhibit.


    cover of the 1941 Russell High School yearbook

    October 2020

    Decades: Yearbooks from the Fulton County Schools Archives

    Throughout the years, yearbooks have been timeless reminders of our collective experience as students, teachers and staff - both inside and outside the classroom. But they are also historical artifacts that reveal a great deal about the time they were produced. This edition of Curiosity Corner explores the history of our communities through its collection of annuals that, over the past century, have inspired us to remember ourselves and celebrate the hard work of the students who created them. 

    Central of Georgia model railroad

    April 2020

    Terminus, Trains and Transportation

    The story of Atlanta and Fulton County is a story about transportation. In this edition of Curiosity Corner, see how the Fulton County Schools Teaching Museum and Archives is preserving this history through its premier model railroad exhibit in Hapeville; and learn about how transportation built an economy and continues to shape our lives. 


    Cherokee Pottery

    March 2020
    Cherokee Pottery: Yesterday and Today

    As we learn about the history of the Cherokee people, we should not overlook what is a thriving culture represented in the many ways it is preserved. This Curiosity Corner recognizes this diverse group through their extraordinary contributions in the art of pottery.   

    Golden Legacy Comic

    February 2020
    Golden Legacy Comic Magazine: Teaching Black History

    During the Civil Rights Era, publisher Bertram Fitzgerald created a series of comic books designed to teach black history to a new generation of students, at a time when it was most needed. This edition of Curiosity Corner recognizes Black History Month by focusing on these teaching resources - used right here in the schools of Fulton County. 

    Hmong Story Quilt - Immigration


    November 2019
    Hmong Americans: An Immigration Story

    Histories are preserved in countless different ways - from word of mouth to the stitching in cloth. This edition of Curiosity Corner celebrates the 20th century immigration story of the Hmong, a group of people from Southeast Asia, whose movement and experience has been collectively captured in the art of their embroidery.

    Women's Link Training Class of 1943

    September 2019
    American Heroines: Women of World War II

    More than 350,000 women served in various branches of the U.S. military during World War II, allowing more men to fight overseas. This month's Curiosity Corner is a salute to those who wore the uniform and  whose efforts on the home front became crucial to victory at the battlefront.  


     Graflex Speed Graphic

    May 2019 
    Photography and the Technology Behind It

    Photographs have an enormous impact and have played an important role in our lives throughout history. This month's Curiosity Corner looks at photography through the technology that makes it possible, by highlighting a collection that spans over a century.  


    Scrapbook page with women in wedding gowns

    March 2019
    Long v. Wells: Lest We Forget
    What do a legendary civil rights judge, a pioneering U.S. Congresswoman and a former Georgia governor all have in common? Could it be that they all had an interest in a school teacher from College Park who was fighting for a right she had no intention of exercising?
    Find out the answer in this month's Curiosity Corner and discover how women in Fulton County fought for their rights in the 1930s.


    1970 Integration Sit-In

    January 2019
    Integration Sit-In, 1970 

    A series of seven images recently found in the Fulton County Schools Archives seemed to have little historical significance until an inscription found on the back of one photograph prompted more research and, in turn, answers to the who, what, when, and where of this event. 


    College Park c 1920s

    October 2018
    Football and School Spirit
    Fall brings, along with colorful leaves and cooler weather, football games and
    homecoming celebrations. Sports and school spirit have always been a favorite pastime in Fulton County Schools. This month’s Curiosity Corner provides a historic example—two College Park High School students ready for the game.  While the exact year is unknown, based on their uniforms, this photograph is dated to the circa 1920s.


    Letter to Miss Addie Cash

    August 2018
    Letter to Miss Addie Cash, 1915
    Every year, teachers receive a contract to confirm their employment for the coming school year. Check out this teacher contract from 1915 to a Miss Addie Cash. While there are many differences between this century-old contract and teacher contracts today, one of the most striking is the restriction on marriage for "lady" teachers. This edition also acknowledges a Cash family tradition--four generations have worked for Fulton County Schools.

    Civil War Surgical Kit

    March 2018
    Civil War Surgical Kit, ca. 1860s
    This month's Curiosity Corner focuses on a nineteenth-century medical kit, currently on display at the Teaching Museum North in Roswell. Kits like this one offer us a glimpse into how the sick and wounded were cared for during the Civil War and how doctors and nurses functioned both on and off the battlefield.

    1952 Alpharetta Colored School

    February 2018
    Alpharetta Colored School, 1952
    I​nside the rich history of education in Georgia is a complex story of inequality and segregation that reflected life in the South after the Civil War. It is a story that spans the decades between the ratification of the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1865 to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This edition of Curiosity Corner focuses on a photograph of the Alpharetta Colored School, taken in 1952. As part of Fulton County Schools, this school demonstrates how segregation was deeply woven into public education and also provides evidence of how black communities overcame racial bias and inequality through efforts in prioritizing education.

    Eagle Cotton Gin

    September 2017
    Eagle Cotton Gin #10, c. 1880s
    As a society obsessed with new technologies and inventions, marveling over the latest cell phone and the promise of driver-less cars, we often do not consider the full impact of these inventions on the world around us. This edition of Curiosity Corner explores how one device—invented over two centuries ago in Georgia—dramatically changed the American economy and impacted the lives of millions across the world.

    1914 Letter to Patrons of Our Rural Schools

    August 2017
    Letter to Patrons of Our Rural Schools
    In 1914, Edwin C. Merry, superintendent of Fulton County Schools, sent a letter to the patrons of rural school outlining the parameters for a 7-month school year and underscoring the importance of education. While it reveals a great deal about the

    1929 North Avenue Elementary School

    May 2017
    Classical Architecture & Fulton County Schools
    What does FCS have in common with Rich's Department Store, Spelman College, Emory University and Grady Hospital?  All have buildings designed by renown architect, Phillip Shutze. Considered during his career as America's greatest living classical architect, Shutze's designs were highly sought after by public entities and private citizens alike. Take a look to see which of FCS's buildings has this honor.

    Fallout Shelter supplies: water canister, toilet paper, cups and other items

    April 2017
    Duck & Cover: Civil Defense in our Schools
    ​​For 45 years after World War II, the United States and the Soviet Union were engaged in a standoff known as the Cold War. Public schools, the most centralized public spaces in most communities, became the front line for federal policies and procedures known as Civil Defense. Take a look at the supplies stored in many of our schools in the event of a nuclear attack.

    Georgia Congress of Colored Parents and Teachers

    March 2017
    Georgia Congress of Colored Parents and Teachers​

    ​​Parent ​and teacher associations have impacted the course of Fulton County Schools since the earliest days of the twentieth century. With state-mandated segregation of schools, the need for advocacy in support of African American students and teachers prompted the creation, in 1919, of the Georgia Congress of Colored Parents and Teachers (GCCPT).


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