• What is our “Why?”

    The mission of River Eves Elementary School is to create and maintain a nurturing environment to ensure that every student reaches a high level of academic growth and achievement as determined by state and national standards.  We (the teachers, staff, parents, business partners, and community) commit to a comprehensive system of support to assure this outcome.

    What we might become?
    Our vision at River Eves Elementary is to inspire students to become life-long learners and productive, independent, and responsible citizens while maintaining high academic standards.

    What statement expresses our goals, principles, and ideals?
    Our motto at River Eves Elementary School is: We are engineered for success!


    Behaviors to ensure the shared vision is a reality:

    • We provide an inviting classroom environment for students with clear, consistent academic and behavioral expectations and goals.
    • We model life-long learning and are committed to developing high-quality work habits within our students.
    • We collaborate with professional colleagues and students to effectively achieve our collective goals.
    • We involve parents in the educational process by keeping them informed of student progress and offer suggestions to support continued academic and behavioral success.
    • We promote a positive school climate by modeling the behaviors and character that we expect of our students. 
    • We demonstrate a commitment to ongoing professional development and continuous student, teacher, and school-wide gains.