Financial Services / Payroll & Employee Benefits


    Fulton County Schools understands that our mission cannot be reached without a quality work force, and our forward-looking approach to education extends to our employees by offering benefit plan designs that meet their families' financial needs, such as disability options that begin paying a benefit as early as fifteen days, an employee assistance program, and both term and permanent life insurance options.

    Further, since financial goals can differ greatly, Fulton County Schools offers a comprehensive schedule of benefits to allow each employee to customize their coverage, ranging from popular dental and vision plans, to a long-term care program with five available levels of benefit. 

    For more information: Visit the Fulton Schools Employee Benefits Center​


    Employee Assistance Program (EAP)- Administered by Mutual of Omaha

    What is an EAP?

    • An Employee Assistance Program is an employer-paid program that provides resources and professional support to assist employees with personal and job-related issues.

    Why do I need an EAP?

    • Life’s not always easy. Sometimes a personal or professional issue can affect your work, health and general well-being. You may often turn to family or friends for support, but sometimes that’s not enough. Sometimes you need an experienced professional to talk with to know you’re not alone. Mutual of Omaha provides specialized knowledge and resources on topics including: emotional well-being, healthy lifestyles, family and relationships, legal and financial issues and work/life transitions, that is available to you and your immediate dependents (includes spouse, domestic partner and unmarried children up to age 26).

      For EAP assistance: Please call 1-800-316-2796 available 24/7/365 

      Click link for more EAP information:  Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


    Payroll & Employee Benefits

    ​The Payroll and Employees Benefits Department of Fulton County Schools consists of the areas of Payroll and Employee Benefits, and is primarily responsible for the following:

    • Preparation, production, and disbursement of payroll for all Fulton County School employees,
    • Administration of the employee benefits program for the District,
    • Processing and remittance of all wage attachments (e.g. garnishments, levy's, etc.) and
    • Support to all District employees related to these areas.

    Our mission is to ensure that every employee of Fulton County Schools is paid timely and accurately, and that each eligible employee has access to a quality, comprehensive insurance and benefits program in order to meet their financial needs.


    Health Insurance

    The System's Health Insurance Program is administered by the State of Georgia, Department of Community Health.  You may choose various levels, or tiers, ranging from single to full family coverage.  Available plans include three (3) Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA) - Bronze, Silver & Gold - each with varying levels of coverage and premiums.