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    FSCCA 2023-2024 Registration Process 


    Step 1 - Students should review the career pathways offered at FSCCA and select a pathway that interests them.  To review pathways, go to: https://www.fultonschools.org/domain/8718.  

    Step 2 -  Students should go to https://forms.office.com/r/1jgRzZVYDR, or click the flyer above and complete the Interest Form.  The following information is needed to complete the Interest Form:

    • Student's email address (that student checks frequently)
    • Parent's email address
    • Home school counselor's name and email address

    Step 3 - Once the interest form has been submitted, the student will receive an email from FSCCA Counselor, Ms. Hutchins, which includes the 2023-2024 enrollment application (via DocuSign).

    Step 4 - How the Application Process Works

    • The student will receive the DocuSign application via email and should complete the student portion of the application. 
    • Parents/guardians will receive an email notification that the student has completed the enrollment application.  A parent/guardian's signature is required and must be signed via DocuSign.  
    • After the parental/guardian signs the application via DocuSign, the student's home school counselor will receive an email notification that the student has applied.  
    • The student's home school counselor will review the application, the student’s transcript, and other factors and will either approve or deny the students admission into FSCCA.

    NOTE: A completed application does NOT mean guaranteed acceptance.  Many factors are used to determine if a student will be accepted into the FSCCA.  Acceptance factors include:

    • ensuring that the student is on track to graduate
    • ensuring that the student has adequate space in their schedule to attend FSCCA
      • Some student schedules may change over the summer and therefore present a conflict with the FSCCA schedule.  Those students may be dropped from FSCCA in order to complete graduation requirements.

    Please be reminded that if the full DocuSign application is not completed within 45 days, the student must start the application process over.

    If you have any questions about the process, please reach out to our counselor, Ms. Hutchins via email at hutchinsl3@fultonschools.org.




    Open House Demo Night

    Tuesday, February 21st

    4 pm – 6 pm

    Join us on Tuesday, February 21, 2023 for our Open House Demo Night!  During this event, you will be able to meet our teachers and staff, as well as participate in hands-on activities that highlight each pathway.  You will also be able to start the application process with the assistance of our counselor.  

    An added bonus will be a free dinner which will be prepared and served by students in our Culinary Arts Pathway.  Free childcare will also be provided by students in our Teaching as a Profession (TAP) Pathway. 


    Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity!  

    Registration is Required (RSVP by Monday, February 20th) 

    Click Here to Register  https://forms.office.com/r/GucNWcwKRx 



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