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    End of Pathway Assessments

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are End of Pathway Assessments?

    End of Pathway Assessments (EOPAs) are national industry-developed certifications, (or state licensures or state issued certificates) that determine the knowledge, skill and understanding gained by students in a career pathway.  Certifications or certificates earned by successfully completing EOPA's are recognized throughout the state and nation and serve as an indication of competency in a particular discipline.  

    Who will take the exams?

    High School students who successfully complete (or are on track to complete) three courses in a career pathway where an assessment has been developed. At FSCCA, EOPA's are offered in the following pathways:

    • Culinary Arts
    • Construction
    • Teaching as a Profession (TAP)
    • Audio, Video, Technology & Film (AVTF)

    When will the assessments be administered?

    FSCCA EOPA's are typically administered during the two weeks following Spring Break. 

    Who pays for the assessments?

    The Fulton County Schools Career and Technical Education (CTE) Department pays for all EOPA's, so there is no cost to students.

    How does taking the EOPA benefit my child?

    Certifications earned during high school can benefit a student in their pursuit of employment and/or post-secondary education.  Students who score above a certain percentage on some EOPA's may receive exemptions from some college courses.  

    If my child does not do well on the EOPA, will it affect their grade in their pathway course? 

    No, EOPA's are not included in the calculations of course grades.  Students who successfully complete their EOPA will receive an honor cord to wear at graduation.  

     Where can I find information/study materials that will help my child prepare for the assessments?

    Follow this link to locate resources and study materials for the assessment.

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