Competition FAQ

  • When is the online registration window? 

    November 15th 8:30AM to December 4th 11:59PM. No extension will be given.

    When is the online project submission window? 

    December 6th 8:30AM to December 16th 11:59PM. No extension will be given.

    Who does the registering? 
    Students and parents will register their projects. All registered participants will then be given information on how to input some specific information into the state database.   

    Will the GASTC share my information? 
    Information will not be shared or sold to any other organization.

    Are there any changes from last year's competition guidelines?
    The 2021-2022 competition will continue to be virtual ONLY.

    How many projects may a student enter? 
    A student may register for ONE project in the Fulton County Technology Competition. A student may enter as an individual or as a member of a team, but NOT BOTH.

    How many students may be on a team? 
    A team consists of two students only. These rules are consistent with the state tech fair rules.

    What if team members are in different age groupings? 
    If the grade levels of team members fall in two different age groupings, the team must compete in the age grouping of the older student. These rules are consistent with the state tech fair rules.

    How long will the judging process be for each entrant? 
    There is no in-person judging. Judges will evaluate projects based on videos submitted by students.  

    What grade levels are judged together?
    Our grade groupings are based on the grade groupings at the state competition. Grade groupings are 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, and 11-12. 

    Is the team competition separate, or are they judged together with individual entries? 
    As is done at the state level, in categories where teams are permitted, teams and individuals compete against each other. (Tech Programming Challenge, formerly Individual Programming Challenge, is for individual entry only.)

    Is a notebook required this year? 
    All competition materials will be submitted virtually. Please check the 2021-2022 Submission Guidelines.

    What time does my student compete as he/she has other commitments that day? 
    As the competition is a virtual event, student presentations are submitted as a video and there is no in-person judging.

    What awards are given? 
    Awards will be given in each grade/category for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Awards will be distributed by regional staff after the competition is over.   

    With what other projects will my project be compared? 
    All projects within a category in the same grade grouping will be judged by the same set of judges. For example, the same judges will see ALL 7-8 Digital Photography projects. Therefore, the same judges compare the attributes of every project that is competing in a given category and grade level.

    How are the winning projects determined? 
    Teams of judges will watch student submitted videos of no longer than 15 minutes. The judges use a rubric guide to evaluate each project. After completing the judging of all projects in a grade/category, the judges will rank the projects and the top three will be awarded medals. All decisions of the judges are final, and the Tech Competition staff does not change judging results.

    I notice on the schedule that I'm the only student in a specific grade grouping of a category. Do I automatically win first place and go to the state competition? 
    No, judges will award First, Second, and Third place medals to those projects which excel in their categories, based on the rubrics. Medals in all categories will be awarded using this criteria, regardless of the number of projects entered in a particular category. On rare occasions, our judges have deemed that a project simply doesn't meet the standards to represent Fulton County at the GASTC. We respect the right of our judges to make these decisions and all judges decisions are final. All first place winners in each category will advance to and have the honor of representing Fulton County Schools in the state competition.  If you are a first place winner, instructions will be posted after the competition on what to do next. 

    Can I see the judge's materials after judging is over? 
    Judge's materials are not shared. Judges turn them over to Competition officials until after the Competition closes at which time they are destroyed. All decisions of the judges are final and Competition officials do not change any judge's results. Tech Competition planners appreciate the dedication of the judges who give up a lot of time to help make the Competition a reality and we stand by the decisions of the judges.

    Why can't you post some samples of previous projects so that we can see an example of a project?
    There are several reasons for not posting pictures of previous projects. When the projects are being judged, and are therefore available to have a picture taken, we have no idea who has some of the best projects to use for a sample. We would have to take pictures of every project, which would require a photographer in every room, and then match up those pictures with the winners. Then those photos would need to be edited and compressed for viewing on the website. In addition, although a student may have permission to use a copyrighted item on the project that copyright permission doesn't extend to us for use on our website. 

    Can adults or other students help me with my project? 
    Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to receive help from others when working on your project. However, the project is to be a work by the student or student team of two. Any help should be to assist the student in the creation of the project and judges will expect a student to explain ANY aspect of a project's function. If someone else helps you do something, be sure that you understand how to explain it to the judges.

    Can I change my category after I register? 
    No.  “Students may not "switch" categories. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS. 

    Must there be a Technology Competition in my school? 
    No school is required to have a local competition.