North Springs High School

  • Under Capital Plan 2022, North Springs Charter High School is slated to receive a major addition and renovation. The $18.7 million project is being funded as part of the eSPLOST referendum that Fulton County voters approved in 2016. An updated Q&A from the April 2018 ?meeting of the Board of Education is available below. Staff is scheduled to present recommendations at the June 2018 Board meeting.




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    Update as of June 12, 2018

    ???New North Springs High School recommended for next capital plan

    Superintendent Dr. Jeff Rose announced June 12 that the North Springs High School renovation project has been put on hold, and a new school building is instead being recommended for the next capital program. The announcement came at the Fulton County Board of Education's June work session.

    "Our staff and architects have been working for many months to evaluate design and construction solutions. As is our process, we looked at the costs to renovate and compared it with the costs to rebuild," said Dr. Rose. "Through our analysis, we believe a comprehensive neighborhood high school, aligned to North Springs' anticipated enrollment needs, is most beneficial for the community and in the best financial interest of our taxpayers over the long-term."

    "Building the new school all at once, rather than through a series of renovations, also would be less disruptive to students and staff compared to the many renovation projects needed over a series of years," he said. "This recommendation is focused on the physical building of North Springs, and over time district staff will work with the school board to answer community questions as they relate to future enrollment and academic programming."

    At the work session, the school board received an update of Capital Plan 2022 schedules, budgets and cash flows. Based on the recent recommendation, cash flows were adjusted for the North Springs project so that only high priority items, such as those related to infrastructure and safety, will be completed under Capital Plan 2022. The remaining project funds will be held until the next capital plan is passed by the school board and a funding source is approved by taxpayers. General maintenance will continue to be funded so that the school is kept in good condition while awaiting approval of the next capital funding cycle.

    Capital Plan 2022, which began its five-year term in 2017, is being funded by SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax), the one-penny education sales tax that funds new school construction, additions and renovations, technology innovations and safety improvements. The plan originally called for North Springs to receive a major renovation project.?