Substitute in Fulton

  • Start with the Why

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The office of Substitute Services supports continuity in the learning process by timely placing substitutes when the respective employees (teacher, paraprofessional, clerical or clinic assistants) must be absent.

Substitute Services

  • Are you interested in impacting the lives of Fulton County Schools students​​ by providing instruction and classroom managment to FCS schools and students​​ during the short-term or long-term absence of a school based employee? If so, consider becoming a substitute with Fulton County Schools. If interested, review the necessary steps to become a substitute below.


    Steps to Become a Substitute

    • Apply for the Substitute Teacher Pos​ition by completing an online application and upload ALL required documents. 


    • Your application will be reviewed and considered Complete or Incomplete:

      COMPLETE - You have submitted all necessary information. You will receive an email from that includes information to complete your timeline, all pre-employment forms, and background screening. All timeline forms MUST be completed before you will be invited to attend an onboarding session.

      INCOMPLETE - Your application was missing necessary information. You will not receive an email or phone call from Fulton County Schools regarding your application. Please review your application to ensure that you have submitted all required information and reapply in the next calendar month.


    • Fingerprint clearance is verified and an email is sent with invitation to attend next onboarding and orientation session.


    • Candidate attends mandatory orientation and MUST bring 2 valid forms of identification. Review I-9 documentation in pre-employment forms for list of appropriate forms of identification.