Tuition Information

  • There is no tuition for courses that are taken as part of a student's normal school day schedule. There is tuition for courses taken in addition to the normal number of credits offered during a semester.

    If applicable:

    ½ Credit = $225 ($180 ​​with free / reduced meal status) per course
    1 Credit = $450 ($360 with free / reduced meal status) per course

    Tuition should be paid prior to the start of the class. You may pay your tuition by logging into your account at Classlink, then click on the GeniusSIS-Fulton Virtual app. Once you log in please go to the "Make a Payment" link on the left side of your dashboard to submit your payment. Students who do not pay their tuition will be withdrawn from the class.


  • Fall and Spring Semesters
    During the fall and spring semesters, students are eligible for a full refund during the first 5 school days that they have access to the course. A student is considered to have access to a course once the semester starts after any of the following occurs: (1) completing the student orientation course, (2) opting out of the student orientation course, or (3) moved into the course on the last start date of the semester. To receive a refund, the student must submit a request to withdraw from a course while eligible for a refund. Students must withdraw within the first ten days of having access to class in order to be eligible to enroll in another course that same semester. A new enrollment is only permitted if the registration window is still open for the semester.

    To withdraw from a course, students should go to the Genius home page and request withdrawal. This can be done by clicking on the “drop a course” link on the left side. The school facilitator must then approve the withdrawal. If a student is eligible for a refund, the withdrawal process will automatically initiate a refund. There is a $50 processing fee subtracted from the refund amount. Students who have had course access for more than ten school days are not eligible for a refund.

    If a student/family fails to pay a bill within 10 days after the start date, the student will be withdrawn from the course.

    Summer Semester
    The summer semester refund policies are the same as noted above with the following exception. During the summer semester, students are eligible for a refund during the first five school days of the course. All fees are due the within one week of the start date.

    Administrative Withdrawals
    Students can be administratively withdrawn from their online course by FVS administrators for reasons including but not limited to non-participation, violation of ethics code, unacceptable use of resources, cheating, inappropriate behavior, failure to pay for a course or similar infractions. If the withdrawal is after the refund period as outlined in the refund policy, funding will be retained by FVS. *During the summer semester, students will also be administratively withdrawn if they fail to meet any of the Completion Benchmarks (there are no refunds when withdrawn for not meeting benchmarks).

    Students enrolled in Fulton Virtual courses are expected to login each school day and complete assignments according to the benchmark deadlines provided in each course. A student with a failing average who also fails to submit an assignment for ten consecutive school days may be withdrawn by the FVS administration. Once a student is identified as eligible for an administrative withdrawal, the student, parent, and facilitator will be notified via email of the pending withdrawal. To prevent withdrawal, the student must submit a graded assignment within five school days of the notification of pending withdrawal. Students who are withdrawn by the school administration outside of the refund window are not eligible for a refund.

    Students who have not paid for their course/s by the Fall, Spring or Summer Semester (as outlined above) deadlines will be dropped from their course.