Course Information

  • Fulton Virtual provides mastery-based, personalized learning options for students throughout the district. FV offers middle and high school core courses and several electives to Fulton students in grades 6 -12. Please click on the Middle or High School course lists on the left to see syllabi for our courses.

    FV utilizes full-time online teachers to deliver Fulton County curricula in high quality, student-centered courses. The program utilizes mastery-based courses where students work at a personalized pace based on their academic needs. While students complete courses by the end of the term, the rate at which they move through a unit varies to fit each student’s individual needs. In an FV course, students demonstrate mastery of a lesson before progressing to the next one. FV teachers work with each student as they provide additional activities and instruction to enrich and remediate lessons. As students work on a topic, they are reassessed until they show mastery and are ready to move on.