• Peachjar Digital Flyers

    The Fulton County School System is partnering with Peachjar, an e-flyer system that allows organizations to upload documents electronically, request distribution to specific schools, and forward automatically for review. Status of requests will be forwarded to the organization's representative once approved or denied. The following guidelines continue to govern requests for information dissemination to Fulton County schools.

    Outside organizations frequently ask schools to share information promoting their services and/or activities, often requesting a copy of the information to be sent home with students. With Peachjar, these requests will now be managed electronically with distribution directly to parents and via school websites.


    Visit www.peachjar.com to register and upload flyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Peachjar?

    Peachjar is an eFlyer distribution system that allows community partners, service providers and schools to share information electronically rather than through printed copies.

    How are flyers approved for distribution?

    Those who are uploading flyers should read the FCS Guidelines prior to submitting flyers (See below). Although the District encourages partnerships and information sharing, we will adhere to the guidelines to approve flyers.

    Does approval of flyers indicate endorsement by the District or local school?

    No. While the District encourages use of Peachjar as a “green” solution that saves paper and labor, we are simply sharing information provided by others. Parents are encouraged to read all information carefully and make the best decision in the best interests of their students.

    Is there a cost associated with Peachjar?

    Community providers and uploaders pay a nominal fee to use the service which is offset when printed copies are not purchased for distribution.

    How often are flyers distributed?

    For a general rule of thumb, flyers are distributed once weekly. Uploaders should provide sufficient time to have flyers reviewed and approved.

    How can previous flyers be reviewed?

    Go to www.peachjar.com and select the school of interest to review posted flyers. School sites also have a Peachjar icon where flyers posted specifically for that location are saved.

    How can I learn more?

    Send an email to peachjar@fultonschools.org.

Guidelines for Distributing Materials at One or More Schools

  • For-Profit Businesses

    Requests coming from for-profit companies generally are declined unless the organization is a formal school or system business partner. However, see below for information regarding tutorial programs.

    Non-Profit Organizations

    Activities sponsored by non-profits that benefit children usually are accepted. These include items such as children's plays sponsored by non-profit arts alliances, charitable fund raisers where the proceeds go toward youth programs and athletic events such as Little League registration and YMCA programs. Previously organizations were tasked with providing enough copies of materials to be distributed. With Peachjar, organizations may now upload information and submit it to begin the approval process.

    Government Agencies

    The school system encourages collaboration with other government entities. Approval is almost always granted for publications promoting government-sponsored parks and recreation programs, arts councils, etc. It is the organization's responsibility to access Peachjar to upload copies of the material to be distributed.

    Campaign Materials

    Materials advocating a particular political candidate or election campaign issue may not be distributed through students nor should they be allowed for distribution inside a school in public or staff areas.

    Camps, After-School and Tutorial Programs Not Affiliated with the School System

    Due to the large number of requests to promote summer camps, after-school programs and tutoring services, these fliers have not been approved for distribution through students. However, these organizations may now upload materials to Peachjar to begin the approval process for distribution to parents via email or school websites. Schools may continue to have a centralized spot in the building where parents can see this and other similar information.

Distributing Materials by Learning Community or District-wide

  • The Communications Department follows the above guidelines when determining whether information should be distributed through the learning community or districtwide.

    Process for Requesting Learning Community or Districtwide Distribution

    • The organization/company submits a request through Peachjar.
    • The organization/company contact person will receive an email from Peachjar via the Communications Department of their decision.
    • If approved, the publication is forwarded as requested.

    Approval of the material for distribution does not indicate that Fulton County Schools endorses the service or program.

    • In addition, the Communications Department does not review proposals for after-school programs or curriculum-related programs such as character education proposals, motivational speakers, cultural arts performances, etc., that are to be held during the school day. These are reviewed by the Learning and Teaching Department.


    Other Requests

    • Rental of a Facility: SchoolDude or the Land Management Office, 470-254-5551
    • After-school programs: Contracting Department, 470-254-8970
    • Research Projects: Assessment and Evaluation Department, 470-254-4933
    • Speakers and Curriculum Resources: Learning and Teaching Department, 470-254-4943
    • Discounts for Employees: Communications Department, 470-254-6830 

    Questions: Contact the Communications Department at 470-254-6830 or via email at communications@fultonschools.org.