Fulton County Schools Weather Zones

  • Closing schools due to inclement weather is one of the toughest decisions a school system makes, and the safety and security of our Fulton County Schools students and staff is always our top priority. When we have a weather emergency, often our biggest challenge is the district's size and geography. Our system is 80 miles long and bisected by the Atlanta Public school system. With such an elongated geography, some areas of Fulton County may experience severe weather or road conditions, while other areas may not.

    Changes to School Closings Policy

    To allow more flexibility when making inclement weather decisions, in August 2017, the Fulton County School Board approved changes to Policy AFC – Emergency School Closings. The revised policy now allows the school district to close portions of the county due to conditions in those areas rather than enforcing a districtwide closure. This new plan of action enables the school system to keep school operations going in less affected areas while other areas are still recovering.

Creation of Weather Zones

  • ​​FCS now has two weather zones:

    1. North Fulton
    2. South Fulton/Sandy Springs.

    The Chattahoochee River serves as the dividing line. The river runs north just beyond the city limits of Sandy Springs to the southern border of the city of Roswell. Combining Sandy Springs with South Fulton into one zone allows for a more natural coordination of the district's transportation needs because school buses for schools in Sandy Springs originate from South Fulton bus depots.

    Start-up charter schools create their own school calendars and make their own weather closing decisions, and these may or may not match those of Fulton County Schools.

FCS Weather Zone MAp

Weather Zone 1 -- North Fulton (excluding Sandy Springs)

Weather Zone 2 -- South Fulton/Sandy Springs