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  • As a parent or guardian in Fulton County, you have access to a variety of academic options for your student. Through Fulton Virtual, your student can enroll in the blended delivery of online and traditional classes to complete their requirements for graduation. Courses are taught by the same highly qualified GA certified teachers, and courses follow the same scope and sequence as traditional classes within the district. Virtual learning allows the student and the family a flexible learning environment and creates many pathways for academic achievement. Students work with teachers in a variety of ways, via the course platform, email, messaging, text, phone, and video as they work through their courses. If this option appeals to you, please see the links to the right or see your student's counselor for guidance about courses offered and how to get enrolled!​

What parents are saying about FV:

  • In other news, my other son (one of your former students) is now in 7th grade and took the SAT in January as part of Duke TIP.  He got his scores back yesterday and got 1200: 450 English, 750 Math.  I cannot overstate the impact that you and Fulton Virtual have had on his development. Finding Fulton Virtual is truly one of the best things to happen for my boys and my son's score on the Math part of the SAT is a testament to that.

    Thanks for all you've done!

    ~A Parent

    Thank you for being there for my daughter; with your guidance, assistance & cooperation, she completed her goals with this class.  I can not begin to say how wonderful this opportunity was for her. She learned more than ever with this program set-up & guidelines.  I do not want her to have to repeat any course again, but if so, this is the way I want her to go. The instructors and information presented were better than any face-to-face instructions.  I commend whoever recommended Virtual Campus instructions and learning techniques.

    Thank you so very much for being a part of this school system. 

    ~ A Parent

    Our son is having a GREAT experience with the FVS program.  He came home jazzed about his cooking project for Spanish 2A.  He researched sweet food (his favorite food group) and we got the ingredients, and he cooked them first thing last Friday night (even before dinner:)) and they were DELICOUS (he picked churros -- and we did not even have a deep fryer and I thought it was going to be a disaster).   Ha!

    We also learned why churros have the shape they do (experiential learning:)), the typically "star" or pointy out shape is clearly to allow for more surface area, which allows the churro to cook faster inside without burning:).  Our son had talked us into buying a cheap pastry bag and shaped nozzle and the ones we cooked using that gizmo came out so much better than the others that we did when we were feeling lazy and just putting chunks of batter in the oil. (those were mushy inside).

    Our son was "turned on" by the assignment and is blossoming in this course, as he loves going fast when he wants to and slowing down when he needs to, which makes him feel he has extra time to do the assignment "right" or taking his time to have fun.

    Just wanted you to know what you are doing is really positively impacting his education (so much so that his sister has now moved to a virtual Spanish class, given her background/situation, it is perfect for her too).  I am not discounting "real classroom" interactions - real classes are important. However, when you have a child that doesn't exactly fit the mold in a particular subject, this is an incredible option.  I thought it would be inferior, and I am thrilled that the opposite is true. 

    Additionally, I appreciate the level of communication you have provided! Thank you for all you are doing!

    ~Spanish student's Parents