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  • What you can expect:

    • the same rigor and high quality instruction as in the classroom.
    • to spend the same amount of time in the FV courses as a face-to-face class at your local school.
    • a flexible learning schedule.
    • an exciting learning experience!

    Still have questions? Need to get enrolled? Contact your school counselor for any questions about which classes to take.

    What to do when you need help: 

    ​Email your teacher directly or email Virtual Learning at 

What people are saying about FVS:

  • Thank you for giving me the chance to do this course this summer. I appreciate you guys for letting me do this. Thank you!!!

    ~ A Student

    In other news, my other son (one of your former students) is now in 7th grade and took the SAT in January as part of Duke TIP.  He got his scores back yesterday and got 1200: 450 in English, 750 in Math.  I cannot overstate the impact that you and Fulton Virtual have had on his development. Finding Fulton Virtual is truly one of the best things to happen for my boys and my son's score on the Math part of the SAT is a testament to that.

    Thanks for all you've done!

    ~A Parent

    Just wanted to share this tidbit. I have a student who is completing the final work today to complete both semesters of AMDM. The remarkable part is she has done the course work completely on her phone and has made one or two trips to the library to input discussions. I questioned her early on about having no computer and my concern about her being successful. She told me then, "Well, I don't have any choice. This is what I've got, and I'll just have to make it work." I can't wait to send the course completion email for her 2nd class this evening.

    Thought that might bring a smile today!

    ~ From a Teacher about the dedication and hard work of a FVS Student

    I didn't start Spanish off so well, and I failed the class. That is why I am doing FVS.  I have come to realize that I can actually learn Spanish and speak it.  My tools for this are my friends and family.  I also have a Spanish-speaking friend of my mom's and they both help me, and I've learned a lot so far.

    I think that Spanish will help me get into college, especially because schools look at what you do.  When they see that you speak another language, they may look at you favorably. I also think that speaking Spanish will help when I travel the world and talk to people in their language.

    ~ A FVS Student