​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​SGC Elections at Fulton County Schools


    Ballot BoxIt's SGC elections season again! SGC elections are a way for parents and teachers who are elected onto the council to have a role in the vision and direction of the school. This year our theme is #jointhejourney. It all starts with elections!

SGC Candidate Declaration Form

  •  The Candidate Declaration period has ended. Thank you for your interest.


    Please review the following dates for the upcoming 2020 SGC Elections.

    Candidate Declaration Period: February 3-February 28.  Note: The declaration period has been extended. Please access the candidate declaration form for both parents and teachers below. We appreciate everyone's participation and excitement!

    Get to know the Candidates: February 27-March 16. This window of time will occur between the candidate declaration period closing and the voting window opening.  

    Voting Window: March 17-March 24.  This will be the week voting will occur.  Ballots will be emailed to the address on file with your school. Please contact your school to ensure you have an email on file.

Current List of SGC Candidates

SGC Candidate Guide and Resources

  • Elections are rapidly approaching for all School Governance Councils. Parents and teachers that are interested in running for a School Governance Council should refer to our Election Candidate Guide below to get details on the requirements for candidacy and general information about the election.

SGC Election Video