Charter System Training Schedule

  • ​​Below are sign up links to a variety of trainings and help sessions for council members to gain better knowledge of the work of School Governance Council members.  More trainings will be posted throughout the year. 


    School Governance Training

    We thank you for your commitment and excitement to begin working in shared governance. We are shifting the way we have our members do training this year to provide an easy method for onboarding. Instead of sitting through a scheduled virtual meeting/training, we have created a training that can be completed at your own time. We hope this will be more helpful for everyone.

    • Sign in with your full name and school
    • Play the audio; most slides to the training have an audio component
    • Allow 30-40 minutes
    • Have the operating guideline readily available to reference

    This training is for new SGC members or anyone wishing to learn about participating in shared governance. Click here to access the School Governance Training. 

    Committee Training 

    Committee trainings are designed to support the work of the Communication & Outreach Committee and the Budget & Finance Committee. Click here to access the committee trainings.