Conducting Research at Fulton County Schools

  • Thank you for your interest in conducting research with Fulton County Schools (FCS). Dissertation candidates, FCS staff, university faculty, research firms, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations should complete a research application to conduct research studies, surveys,and evaluations, and to request to obtain data to support research activities. Research Requests include any requests from individuals and organizations to conduct surveys, research studies, or evaluations, as well as requests to obtain data to support research activities.

    We review proposals for compliance with federal regulations concerned with student records, privacy, and participation in research studies, as well to ensure that the research studies and surveys do not interfere with instruction or require excessive student or staff time. At this time, we will only consider research that is aligned with the District's Strategic Plan, has the potential to directly benefit our students, and incorporates timely feedback of results to the District leadership.

    If you are an FCS employee who is a doctoral student that needs to conduct non-dissertation research as a class requisite for your university, please contact the department at

    Listed below is important information and required forms for conducting research within Fulton County Schools.  Proposals will not be approved without completed documentation. 


    Research Approval Timeline

    Researchers are encouraged to submit their applications as early as possible to ensure that the application is complete. FCS cannot ensure that research will always be considered. Please see the review calendar below. FCS employees who need guidance about conflicting deadlines are encouraged to contact our office at

Application Materials

Data Requests

  • Requests for public records may be made directly through Open Records Request through the Fulton County Schools homepage. Requests for any other data may be made to the Data Utilization Department at These include requests for existing data that will not be used to support research activities. Request for data to support research can be made through the research request application process described above.

DPE Staff

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