Residency Verification

  • Residency Verification Processes: Residency situations can be referred to the school district residency verification staff for further investigation. At the discretion of the residency verification staff, residency verification and investigation can include, but is not limited to:

    • Review of vehicle registration card;
    • Review of voter’s registration card;
    • Review of property tax bill;
    • Conduct public record search;
    • Conduct a home visit conducted by residency verification staff and/or designated school staff
    • Conduct structured observations of address of record by Residency Verification staff or designated school staff; and/or
    • Other measures as necessary and appropriate.

    The District may use certified mailings, the Locate, Assess and Connect Protocol and/or other methods to initiate residency verification processes.

    Upon discovery by District or school staff that a student does not live within their enrolled school’s designated attendance zone, the student will be provisionally enrolled for a period of 30 calendar days. At the end of this 30-calendar day period, if the two required proofs of residency have not been provided, the student will be withdrawn. By the 20th day, if no proof of residency has been provided, a withdrawal letter will be sent to the enrolling person notifying them of the imminent withdrawal of the student if no documentation is provided.

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