Strategic Initiative

  • A comprehensive balanced assessment system will support the implementation of customized instruction for students. A purposeful and strategic approach to assessment at the system level will provide teachers a framework to consistently and systematically use data to inform their instruction and meet student needs.

    Guiding Vision

    Providing appropriate assessments of student learning is vital to development of cus-tomized programs of study responsive to the individual interests and needs of all stu-dents. Without a comprehensive balanced assessment system that supports real-time and ongoing feedback, teachers will not be able to effectively customize instruction for the individual student, and parents and students will be less informed about their aca-demic performance and additional learning opportunities that may be available to them.

    Key Deliverables

    A new balanced assessment system that provides timely and appropriate student per-formance information to support personalized student learning across the district

    A series of initial and ongoing professional development topics that prepares teachers for the district’s new assessment framework and ensures all are proficient in analyzing data to determine instructional strategies to meet student needs 

    When We’re Done...

    • Parents and students will have more real-time, actionable achievement data that provides meaningful performance feedback
    • Teachers will have robust student performance data readily available to inform their instructional plans
    • Teachers will have the skills to effectively provide feedback and partner to deter-mine appropriate instructional alternatives with parents and students