Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can take FV classes?

    Any student currently enrolled in a Fulton County Schools school can enroll in an academically appropriate Fulton Virtual course with the permission of their school counselor. We offer a curriculum for grades 6-12.


    How do I register?

    Please visit our registration portal, and request your class(es).  The school counselor will review and approve the courses. Registration Instructions are found on the left side of the course catalog. 

    Instructions on how to Register for Summer 2024

    Ready to register now?  Log into ClassLink to get started!


    I put in my request for a course. What happens now?

    Once a course is requested, that request is reviewed by the student's counselor and approved or denied.  Once the course has been approved, the student will receive a FV Course Registration confirmation.  If tuition is required, you should log back into Infinite Campus and make the payment. Registration is not complete until payment is received. 


    What if I want to check on the status of my registration?

    You can check with your counselor on the status of your course request or log into Canvas and see if the courses appear on your dashboard.


    Do I have to pay for Summer School?

    Students may take up to two classes with in-person summer learning and up to two classes with Fulton Virtual.  Students recovering credits may take these courses free of charge.  Students who are taking a class for the first time will pay the following:

    ½ Credit = $225 ($180 with free/reduced meal status) per course

    Tuition is due on the first day of the term.  If tuition is not paid within 7 days of the due date, students are dropped from their courses. 

    If you have payment questions, please contact Fulton Virtual Administration at 470-254-4980 or


    How many classes can I take?

    Rising 10th-12th grade students may take more than one class but are encouraged to seek the guidance of their school counselor. Students who need to retake a class may attend summer school provided by Fulton County Schools at no cost, for up to 2 courses. 


    What classes can a rising 9th Grader take?

    Rising 9th graders may request any of the following courses which will be reviewed by their current middle school counseling staff: General Health, Personal Fitness, and American Government.


    Can I take a Virtual Class and a Face-to-Face class?

    Yes, students are allowed to take a class in more than one modality. All classes are subject to counselor approval.  Please consult your counselor about course selection and scheduling.


    What time do I have to log in? 

    FV courses are asynchronous, so students may log in at any time to work on the course.  Teachers are assigned to each class and are available for support and guidance. Students should be prepared to spend about 3 hours per day/per class to complete the class in the summer session.


    When is the last day to register for FV Summer School?

    May 31st is the last day of registration. Each course selected is based on availability and approval by Counselor. 


    What type of equipment or device do I need to get started?

    Students will need a stable internet service, a computer or a tablet, and an internet browser (Chrome or Firefox). For students who meet certain criteria and live in an area serviced by Comcast Cable, there is a program that makes internet access and computer ownership more accessible. Please contact Comcast about their Internet Essentials program for more details. AT&T has a similar program.  You can find out more information about AT&T Access by clicking here.


    What do "A" and "B" mean?"

    'A' is the first semester of the class and 'B' is the second semester of the class.  


    Can I take an A and B section (full year) of a class in Summer School?

    Taking both sessions of a class in summer school means that students are attempting to complete 36 weeks of instruction in 4 weeks and 5 days.  That would take a minimum of 6 hours per day dedicated to working on classwork for the entire summer school period. Most courses have content in the second semester that builds on material from the first semester (this is especially true in the mathematics courses). There are a few courses whose content in the two terms does not depend on each other as much. Please consult with your counselor about course scheduling and selection.


    If I drop classes, can I get a refund?

    Students must drop a class by 11:59 p.m. (eastern time) on June 12th to receive a full refund of course fees paid.  Students who are administratively dropped and/or have interacted in the course after 11:59 p.m. on June 12, 2024, are not eligible for a refund.


    If I'm going on vacation during this time with my family, can I still attend summer school?

    Yes, you can attend summer school while you are on vacation as long as there is a strong internet connection. FV access through Classlink is not available if you are traveling to an international destination. Please plan accordingly with your teacher(s) to ensure benchmark course completions are met to ensure you remain in your course(s). 


    Can I start my class early or have an extension to finish later?

    All FV courses start and end on the same day.  The session starts on June 5th and ends on July 10th. Courses are not available before or after those dates.


    What textbooks do I need for the summer session of Fulton Virtual Classes?

    FV does not use textbooks. 


    What do I do if I can’t log in to my account?

    First, make sure you use your Fulton County username and password to log into ClassLink. If you need to reset your student password, click here


    Making progress in summer courses

    There are no set times that students must work on their courses, so they can participate at the times of the day that are convenient for them. Students may work at their own pace as long as they make the required progress in their course by the dates listed below. Students can work ahead if they want or need to. If a student is on vacation during the term, they will need to make sure they work ahead, so they do not miss a completion benchmark. Any student who has not reached the completion benchmarks below by the dates listed will be administratively dropped from their course. Dropped courses will not appear on transcripts. Students who are administratively dropped will not receive a refund of tuition paid.  Students will not have access to their courses if they travel outside the United States.

    Completion Benchmarks for Fulton Virtual Summer 2024
     40% complete   6/19, 11:59 pm  (1st benchmark)
    60% complete   6/26, 11:59 pm  (2nd benchmark)

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Helpful Links

  • EOC Summer Testing July 9th - 11th

    EOC Assessments:

    •  Algebra I (Semester 2)
    •  US History (Semester 2)
    •  Biology (Semester 2)
    •  American Lit / 11ᵗʰ grade Lit (Semester 2)

    The EOC exam accounts for 20% of the student’s grade in the course.

    Summer session End of Course Tests will be administered in person at the summer school sites July 9th-July 11th (Make-up: July 12th). Students enrolled in the second semester of a course with an EOC take the exam at their home school's summer school site. Students taking an EOC MUST take it in person. There will be no online administration of the tests given.  Click Here for information about summer school sites.