FCS Enrollment Policies

  • According to Board Policy and Procedure JBC – “School Admissions" a student residing full-time within the Fulton County School System is eligible to attend a Fulton County school under the following criteria:


    Policy JBC - School Admissions

    All children and youth who meet the following age conditions are eligible for enrollment in the appropriate education programs provided all other entrance requirements are met (see JBC - "School Admissions" and IHE - "Promotion and Retention").

    • Children who have attained the age of four on or before September 1 are eligible to apply for the Prekindergarten Program.
    • Children who have attained the age of five on or before September 1 shall be eligible for enrollment in the kindergarten program.
    • Children who have attained the age of six on or before September 1 shall be eligible for enrollment in the first grade.


    Verification of Age - Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and First Grade Students

    It is the principal's responsibility to verify that a student meets entrance age requirements before enrolling the student. The school will accept evidence in the order set forth below that shows the student’s date of birth:

    1. A certified copy of a birth certificate, certified hospital issued birth record or birth certificate;
    2. A military ID;
    3. A valid driver’s license;
    4. A passport;
    5. An adoption record;
    6. A religious record signed by an authorized religious official;
    7. An official school transcript; or
    8. If none of these items can be produced, an affidavit of age sworn to by the parent, guardian or other person accompanied by a certificate of age signed by a licensed practicing physician, which states that the physician has examined the child and believes that the age as stated in the affidavit is substantially correct.

    Parents may be given up to 30 calendar days after the student enrolls to secure proof of birth date.   It is the parent's responsibility to pay the fee and postage for obtaining such proof of birth date. (See the Student Services Regulations Manual for directory of state offices of Vital Statistics in the various states and sample forms that can be used to obtain the student's birth certificate.)   The school will notify the enrolling person at least 10 calendar days prior to the withdrawal of the student.


    Verification of Birth Certificate

    Any principal who has cause to doubt the validity of documents submitted in connection with a student's age at time of admission should attempt to verify the validity of the documents by, for example, contacting the Vital Records Office or other appropriate agency in the appropriate location. Copies of Georgia birth certificates may be verified by sending the document to the Georgia Director of Vital Records along with a request for confirmation. The request should be on school letterhead and signed by the principal.


    Exception to Age Requirement for Out-of-State and Out-of-Country Transfer Students

    Kindergarten and first grade students moving into Georgia who turn five or six respectively between September 2 and December 31 may be enrolled in kindergarten or first grade if they have been residing out of the state for at least two years immediately prior to moving to Georgia and if they have been legally enrolled in a public kindergarten or first grade accredited by a state or regional association or the equivalent. The parents of any child seeking to enroll as an underage, out-of-state or out-of-country transfer must provide the Office of Student Assignment with satisfactory evidence of the child's residence and enrollment in kindergarten or first grade in another state or country.


    Secondary Program

    Students are eligible for enrollment in the regular secondary program unless they attain the age of 20 on or before September 1 or they have received high school diplomas or the equivalent. Provided a student has not dropped out of school for one semester or more, this eligibility may be extended for a student who has not attained age 21 on or before September 1 or received a high school diploma or the equivalent.


    Open Campus Program

    Students older than the maximum age limits established in the preceding paragraph may apply for admission to the open campus program on a tuition basis. Also, students who have previously received the equivalent of a high school diploma, e.g. GED, may apply for admission to the open campus program on a tuition basis.


    Special Education Program

    Special education students are eligible for enrollment in appropriate education programs up to and including their 22nd birthday, or until they receive high school or special education diplomas or the equivalent, whichever occurs first, provided they were enrolled the preceding school year and had an approved Individualized Educational Program (IEP) which indicated that a successive year of enrollment was needed.  Prior to the student’s 22nd birthday, the School System will convene a meeting to devise a process for completing services to which the student was entitled prior to their 22nd birthday.  The goal of such a process will be to secure the successful transition of students to their desired post-school outcomes.  The System will collaborate to complete that transition by age 22.