Contracting (Procurement/Purchasing)



    Our Mission

    To acquire goods and services for Fulton County Schools under the applicable rules, policies, and laws promulgated by the Fulton County Board of Education, the State of Georgia, and the Federal Government, while meeting customer requirements for timeliness, quality, and economy.

    Our Vision

    To ensure Fulton County Schools’ fair and equitable purchasing procedures comply with regulations and allows efficient and effective acquisition, documentation, and reporting of goods and services provided.

    Values Statement

    The Contracting Department is committed to the fair and equitable purchasing of goods and services for our customers. The department embraces the following values to ensure efficient and cost-effective purchasing:

    • Accountability
    • Ethics
    • Impartiality
    • Professionalism
    • Transparency
    • Continuous improvement
    • Cost effectiveness
    • Focus on the needs of our clients
    • Integrity
    • Quality

Contact Us

  • Angela Young

    Angela R. Young
    Executive Director


    Malka Leake-Joyner
    Professional Assistant III
    Phone: 470-254-8970

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