School Roll Out Dashboard

  • Laptops and tablets are tools for learning, and schools need to be ready to use them successfully in the classroom before we put these devices in the hands of students.

    At Fulton County Schools overall readiness for devices is made up of:

    Group Timeline Personalized Instruction Readiness (50% of overall readiness)

    • Schools go through a series of design workshops to plan how they will use technology to enhance learning.
    • Schools create professional development and communication plans.
    • Schools give digital citizenship lessons to teach students how to use technology responsibly.

    Infrastructure Readiness (25% of overall readiness)

    • The school’s wireless infrastructure is upgraded to support devices.

    Device Readiness (25% of overall readiness)

    • *This step begins after instruction planning is done
    • Schools select a device that fits their learning goals.
    • Schools have a security plan for devices.
    • Schools, the IT department, and the device vendor agree on a deployment timeline.