Department Overview

  • Improving Student Achievement Through Assessment

    The Assessment Department provides leadership and support to schools for the implementation of state mandated and system level assessments. Assessment is a distinct and integral part of learning and thus, works in tandem with instruction and planning to ensure that schools have the knowledge and resources needed to be effective. The department supports schools, as well as other departments, with data analysis, assessment use and assessment strategies.



    The vision of the Assessment department is to provide a purposeful and strategic approach to assessment by providing teachers with a framework to consistently and systematically use data to inform instruction to support student achievement.



    To provide appropriate assessments of student learning that facilitate the development of personalized programs of study, responding to the individual interests and needs of all students.


    In fulfilling this mission, the assessment department will:

    • Create a comprehensive and balanced assessment system that supports real-time and ongoing feedback
    • Design a feedback program to provide timely information about ongoing student progress.
    • Provide a series of initial and ongoing professional development topics which prepares teachers for the new assessment framework
    • Ensure that all teachers are proficient in analyzing data to determine instructional strategies to meet student needs.


    Major responsibilities of the Assessment Department include:

    • Managing all aspects of State mandated and district assessments
    • Maintaining all district assessments within the Instructional Management System (IMS), Illuminate
    • Conducting trainings and workshops that serve as integral components to the state testing process
    • Providing support to school-based instructional leaders in the areas of:
      • Development and implementation of a Balanced Assessment Plan
      • Development of quality student assessments and data collection instruments
      • Analysis of student assessment and performance results

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