• Plan to Improve Scools

    Our Mission and Commitment:

    Every child deserves to attend a successful school.
    We expect our results will improve every year,
    with a goal of having ZERO "Failing" schools.

  • Fulton County Schools works to ensure every student is educated to be a responsible, productive citizen. Each year, we and our partners at the Georgia Department of Education (GADOE) hold schools accountable to that goal through many different measures such as graduation levels, standardized test scores, student and parent surveys, etc. Every school in our District is continuously improving and growing to better meet student needs.

    However, a small number of our schools do not meet the District expectations for preparing our students to be successful on their chosen path in life, be that college, career, or the military. These schools receive additional District support and guidance from our Zone Superintendents and Learning and Teaching department.

    Additionally, an even smaller number of schools fail to meet GADOE expectations, performing in the lowest 5% of all Georgia schools. Often the students in these schools are also challenged with poverty as well as higher levels of the socio-economic issues. Fulton County Schools works in collaboration with the GADOE to improve these schools for our students.


    Improving Low Performing Schools

    The District uses a combination of focused tools to make our lowest performing schools more successful. Following this approach, seven schools have significantly improved performance since 2018 and are no longer listed in the bottom 5% of Georgia.

    • Schools create semester action plans which are monitored every other week by zone leadership.
    • Principals and Zone Superintendents visit classrooms and teacher professional learning communities regularly.
    • Our school teams and District leaders formally check progress at the semester halfway mark and also collaborate during “strategic support circles” to plan the next semester’s actions.
    • GADOE experts meet regularly with school and zone leaders to monitor progress and provide suggestions.


    These approaches ensure schools are provided the leadership, resources, well-rounded insights and time to understand the barriers their students face and to fully implement a focused plan to improve student achievement.


    Collaboration with the Georgia Department of Education

    The GADOE approved metrics used to identify these schools is listed below.  Given the current pause in state CCRPI assessments, the process to remove the schools from the various state lists is not clear at this time.  The chart reflects the now paused exit criteria which was used prior to the current pandemic.  As more information regards new exit criteria becomes available, this website will be updated.


    GADOE Status Category School Entrance Criteria Exit Criteria
    Comprehensive Support
    and Improvement (CSI)
    College Park ES The lowest performing 5% of Title I schools in the state when ranked based on their three-year CCRPI average Shows at least 3% progress closing the gap between baseline and 100
    Targeted Support
    and Improvement (TSI)
    Oakley ES
    Parklane ES
    Have at least one subgroup performing in the lowest 5% of all schools in at least 50% of the CCRPI components No subgroup is performing in the lowest 5% of all schools in at least 50% of the CCRPI components.
    Promise Conley Hills ES
    Bethune ES
    Feldwood ES
    SL Lewis ES
    Paul D. West MS
    The 5.01% to 10% lowest performing Title I schools in the state when ranked based on their three-year CCRPI average Demonstrates improved CCRPI over the baseline average


    School Specific Plans

    To learn more about each school’s Strategic Plan and related improvement actions, please visit their website.  The schools’ Strategic Plans are located in the School Governance Councils’ portion of their school website.


    Public Presentations to the Board of Education