​​Pension Board Members

  • Pension Board meetings are held Quarterly and can be watched live from a computer screen through video streaming technology used by the Fulton County School System.

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  • Mr. Mike Looney

    Board Member (Non-Voting)​

    Mr. Looney serves in an ex-officio capacity and is the Superintendent of Fulton County Schools. Email

  • Mr. Robert (Sam) Ham

    Board Member

    Mr. Ham serves as a representative of the former Teacher or Employee population. Mr. Ham was employed with the schools system for 17 years, all within the Transportation Department. He has served in a variety of capacities as well as Executive Director of Transportation. Email 

  • Mr. Stuart Berry

    Board Member

    Mr. Berry represents the active employee group and has over 10 years of service with the District. Mr. Berry is an assistant manager in our transportation division. Email

  • Ms. Lisa Sutton

    Board Member

    Ms. Sutton is a representative of the active teacher or employee population.  Ms. Sutton has been employed with Fulton County Schools and worked with School Nutrition for 28 years. Throughout her career with the district, she has operated in numerous roles and has recently been promoted to Area Manager for Elementary Schools in North Fulton. Email

  • Mr. Gonzalo La Cava

    Board Member

    Mr. La Cava also serves in an ex officio capacity and is the Chief Human Resources Officer of Fulton County Schools. Email

  • Mr. Marvin Dereef

    Board Member

    Mr. Dereef serves in an ex officio capacity and is the Chief Financial Officer of Fulton County Schools. Email

  • Mr. Gregory Haitz

    Board Member

    Mr. Haitz worked as a school bus driver for Fulton County Schools for over 10 years.  During that time, he also served on the Pension Board representing the active employee population.  He has been a resident of Fulton County since 2000.  He holds a BA in Economics from LeMoyne College and an MBA from Kennesaw State University.  In his current role on the Pension Board, Mr. Haitz is representing the retired employee population. Email

  • Mr. John Anderson

    Board Member

    Mr. Anderson was a school administrator with Fulton County Schools for 32 years until his retirement in 2011.  He serves as a representative of the school administrator population. Email

  • Ms. Greta Tinaglia, CPA

    Board Relations Executive        (Non-Voting)

    Ms. Tinaglia is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a degree in accounting. She is a CPA and holds various treasury designations. She began her career with the Gwinnett County School District where she served in various financial roles, including financial manager for the Gwinnett Retirement Plan. She served as Chief Financial Officer for the City Schools of Decatur before joining FCS as Treasurer and later Executive Director of Accounting and Retirement Services and Risk Management. She is currently the district's Deputy Chief Financial Officer. Email