Preparing for Retirement

  • There are four plans to assist Fulton County Employees in preparing for a secure retirement. Information about all the programs available and the steps to begin the process are below. Please contact the Office of Retirement Services with questions.​

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    Teacher's Retirement System of Georgia (TRS)​

    Who participates in this program?
    Teachers, administrators, supervisors, clerks, teacher aides, paraprofessionals and all other TRS covered positions hired since July 1, 1988.

    TRS serves education professionals in the State of Georgia. Fulton County teachers participate in the TRS program and benefits are calculated according to a retirement benefit formula, which takes into account your years of creditable service, your average monthly salary for your highest consecutive 24 months of membership service and the 2% multiplier.

    ​For more information about the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia, please visit the TRS website.

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    Fulton County Schools Employee Pension Fund (FCSEPF)

    Who participates in this program?
    Bus Drivers, Cafeteria Workers, Custodians, Fleet Mechanics, Maintenance Workers, and Warehouse Personnel

    FCSEPF is a "Defined Benefit" plan. Your retirement benefit is "defined" by calculation using your years of membership service, the average of your three highest membership salary years, and a 2% multiplier. Unlike a "defined contribution" plan, you assume no investment risk, plus you are guaranteed monthly retirement income for the rest of your life once you have completed the required 10 years of service to vest your benefit.

    For more information, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.


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    TRS and FCSEPF

    Who participates in these programs?
    Teachers , administrators, supervisors, clerks, teacher aides and paraprofessionals hired prior to July 1, 1988.

    Participants that are in both programs​ receive benefits based on the criteria set forth in each of the two programs respectively. In addition to those participants listed above, this also includes employees who are promoted from a job that is covered by the FCSEPF plan into a position within their career path that is covered by TRS position.

    For more information about FCSEPF, please read our Frequently Asked Questions. For more information about the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia, please visit the TRS website.

Tax Sheltered Investments (TSI)

  • All FCS employees can choose to invest using Tax Sheltered Investments. This is a voluntary option open to all employees.

    For more information, please read the Retirement Options in the Employee Benefits Portal.

FCS Retirement Services Counseling

  • Retirement seminars available. Appointments available year round. Contact us :

    6201 Powers Ferry Road NW
    Atlanta, GA 30339
    Phone: 470-254-0102

The Retirement Process

  • Step 1: Application for Retirement

    Please contact our office to request a retirement package by mail.

    Active Employees
    If you are an active employee you must complete the Intent to Retire form AND the FCESPF Application and submit to the Retirement Services Department.

    If you are no longer an active employee, you must complete the FCSEPF Application and submit to the Retirement Services Department.

    Step 2: Pension Benefit Estimate

    Pension benefits are calculated using years of service and salary. The Pension Benefit Calculator is designed to help you estimate your monthly retirement benefit.

    Step 3: Health Insurance

    In order to continue health insurance coverage into retirement, you must have health insurance in force at the time you retire.

    Please contact the Benefit Office for further details.