Fulton County Regional Science & Engineering Fair

  • The Fulton County Regional Science & Engineering Fair (FCRSEF) follows the rules of the Georgia Science & Engineering Fair (GSEF) and the International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF). The 2022 FCRSEF will be held on Saturday, February 5, 2022, and will be a virtual event for all participants.

    To participate in the FCRSEF, students must first qualify through a local school fair. For students that attend schools not holding a school-level fair to include private, charter, or home schools students, students must request to participate in the school fair of the public school to which they would have been assigned according to their legal place of residence. The request should be made before October 1st. If that school does not offer a science fair, the student must contact the next closest school within the region of the student's legal place of residence, as measured by Google Maps shortest distance. If this second school also does not offer a science fair, contact the appropriate Regional Fair Director for further instructions.   

    For additional information about forms and rules for 2022, please visit the ISEF websiteStudents (private, charter,and home school included) are required to comply with these rules as outlined in the ​​ISEF Handbook

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