Risk Management

  • Risk Management

    Risk Management is the process of planning, organizing, leading and controlling activities in order to minimize the adverse effects of accidental loss at a reasonable cost to FCS District. The goal is to identify and protect FCS District assets (people, finances, property, facilities and equipment) from accidental loss.

    The Risk Management Team is committed to managing risk at FCS by reviewing District information, performing inspections/inquiries, making recommendations, and resolving and paying claims in a timely manner to minimize the costs of claims or potential claims to the District. The Team works closely with staff, outside agencies. Brokers, Third Party Administrators, vendors, contractors, parents, guardians, the public and others on various Risk Management and insurance. The Team works closely with the District's Attorney on all litigated matters, claim settlements and other related matters as needed.

Student Accident Insurance Info

Team Responsibilities

    • Risk Identification, Evaluation, Control and Monitoring
    • Self-Insurance Plans, Commercial Insurance, Bonds, Student Accident Insurance, Special Event Policies, Sovereign Immunity
    • District related Incidents/Claims (Staff, students, public/visitors, property, etc.); Medicare Reporting
    • Property and Playground Inspections, Defensive Driving Training, Online Safety Training
    • Workers Compensation Incidents, Claims, Settlements, Return to Work Program, State Reporting
    • Contract Review and compliance of Insurance Requirements and Certificate of Insurance (COI)
    • Employee Safety Program (Pilot)
    • Charter bus approval
    • Resource for Board, Administration, Staff, Parents/Guardians, Visitors, Booster/PTA, etc.

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