What's New for 2018-19

  • The Fulton County School System is the fourth largest school district in Georgia with a projected 2018-2019 enrollment of approximately 95,215 students. The system includes 106 schools – 59 elementary schools, 19 middle schools, 18 high schools and 10 start-up charter schools.


    New Teachers and School/District Leaders

    By the end of summer (2018), Fulton County Schools will have welcomed nearly 700 new teachers, bringing the district's total teaching force to about 6,800.

    Retirements and promotions also have led to changes in principals and leadership at the district office:

    • Central Office
      Clifford Jones, Chief Academic Officer
      Tim Corrigan, Northeast Learning Community Area Superintendent
      Kibbey Crumbley, Northwest Learning Community Area Superintendent
      Gyimah Whitaker, South Learning Community Area Superintendent
      Ron Maxwell, South Learning Community Area Executive Director
    • Elementary Schools
      Kathleen Stamper, Alpharetta Elementary School
      Maureen Lilly, Asa G. Hilliard Elementary School
      Maisha Otway, College Park Elementary School
      Karen Cooke, Dolvin Elementary School
      Nikol Boyd, Esther Jackson Elementary School
      Camille Christopher, Findley Oaks Elementary School
      Hardray Dumas, Hillside Elementary School
      Marissa Wilson, Parklane Elementary School
      Matthew Donahoe, River Eves Elementary School
      Lydia Conway, Roswell North Elementary School
      Lorrie Bearden, Summit Hill Elementary School
    • Middle Schools
      Felipe Jackson, Bear Creek Middle School
      Jennifer Cassidy, Holcomb Bridge Middle School
      Neil Pinnock, River Trail Middle School
      Kelly Parker, Taylor Road Middle School
    • High Schools
      Kimberly Premoli, Cambridge High School
      Anthony Newbold, Centennial High School
      Tim Duncan, Chattahoochee High School
      Frankie Pollock, Creekside High School
      Kedra Fairweather, McClarin Success Academy
      Jamar Robinson, Westlake High School


    New STEM Resources

    iReady Math. Fulton County Schools has acquired iReady Math to supplement classroom instruction and provide additional support or to accelerate learning as needed. Kindergarten through eighth grade students will receive a personalized pathway of learning based on his/her instructional needs. Teachers will receive targeted resources, identified through student performance, to support students during small group and one-on-one instruction. Parents may be familiar with the program as the district already uses iReady Reading with students.

    High School Science Resources

    New high school science resources are debuting in Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry, Earth Systems, Environmental Science, Physics, AP Chemistry, AP Physics 1, 2, & C, AP Environmental Science, Forensic Science, Human Anatomy, Botany, and Astronomy courses. Resources were reviewed by teachers and stakeholders last school year and then adopted by the school board for use in 2018-2019.

    3DE Expansion at Banneker High School and Northview High School

    Formerly called JA Academy, 3DE is a program sponsored by Junior Achievement that integrates interdisciplinary methods, relevant connections, entrepreneurial thinking, and authentic project-based learning. The name "3DE" reflects the multi-dimensional approach to education that is created through a partnership between Fulton County Schools, Junior Achievement, and the business community. The program is a school-within-a-school model and has a designated wing in both high schools. 3DE also offers an internship program throughout the year with companies like Delta, the Georgia Aquarium, and NCR.

    Banneker High School has had the program since 2015 and will be graduating its first class in May 2019, while Northview High School launches it for the first time this fall.

    New Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) Offerings

    New CTAE programs being offered this year support the school system's Strategic Plan goal of "preparing all students to graduate ready to pursue and succeed on their chosen paths."

    • Banneker High School - The school's Healthcare Science program has been expanded to include Sports Medicine.
    • Camp Creek Middle School - New programs this year include Audio, Video, Technology, and Film.
    • Crabapple Middle School - New programs this year include Graphic Design.
    • Creekside High School - The school's Agriculture Education program has been expanded to include Agribusiness Management and Leadership, while the Graphic Design program now includes Graphic Communication.
    • Hopewell Middle School - New programs this year include Marketing.
    • Renaissance Middle School - New programs this year include Marketing.
    • Sandy Springs Middle School - New programs this year include Audio, Video, Technology, and Film.
    • Westlake High School - The school's Graphic Design program has been expanded to include Graphic Communication.
    • Fulton Schools College and Career Academy - The Academy is adding an in-house dual enrollment program with Georgia State University called "Velocity."


    Quick Tip Safety Hotline

    The "Quick Tip" app has been used Fulton County Schools for several years. This year it has been loaded on all district-issued student devices, such as tablets and laptops, so that students can report any safety matter quickly and anonymously. This valuable flow of information is just one tool to support the slogan, "If you see something, say something."


    Creation of Safety Committee

    Fulton County Schools is establishing a Safety Advisory Committee to provide insight and perspectives to Superintendent Jeff Rose. The committee will be comprised of school system staff from multiple departments to give a cross-functional view, and will involve school leaders, partners and experts from Fulton's public safety community, and parent representatives. The committee will use a research-based approach to review the district's current systems and processes while also identifying efforts or investments that would further enhance school safety. 


    Additional School Social Workers and School Police Officers

    Demonstrating commitment to safe school environments, 10 additional social workers are being added to staff Fulton's social-emotional learning initiatives, which are in many schools to support students' development as well as personal safety and good decision-making. Six new police officers' positions also are being added to provide additional support to the school police department.


    New Police Vehicles and Body Cameras

    The FCS School Police Department has added 19 vehicles to its fleet. These vehicles not only provide greater visibility of the district's school police department, but also increase mobility of its officers. The new cars will enhance officers' ability to patrol all schools and provide further capability for emergency response. In addition, officers are being outfitted, for the first time, with body cameras. These camera systems are becoming part of a police officer's standard uniform, similar to body armor/vests and other safety equipment.


    Report Management System

    The FCS School Police Department has adopted a new report management system that permits better sharing of information among metro police departments. Information includes access to criminal records, videos and photos so that the departments can collaborate on cases with similarities and keep communities safer.


    New Video Surveillance Systems

    Using SPLOST funds, the district is upgrading camera systems in every school to Avigilon, one of the nation's leading video surveillance systems. These systems allow safety and security teams to monitor activities with laser sharp accuracy via desktop computers, monitoring stations and mobile devices. High tech lenses allow the users to pan the high-definition cameras, zoom in for a closer view, and change the angles of the view. The artificial intelligence (AI) component allows users to find targets within the facility based upon a tagged "appearance search." This type of technology is currently used at many of the nation's major airports as well as other highly secured environments.

    Also, Fulton County Schools has partnered with the Sandy Springs and Johns Creek emergency call centers and Fulton County 911 Dispatch so that in emergencies they have direct access to view the Avigilon cameras in schools. Discussions are under way to share this capability with other municipalities' police departments.


    CrisisGo Communications Tool

    CrisisGo is being phased into schools during the 2018-2019 school year. The program quickly distributes emergency operations plans to staff, via mobile devices, during emergency situations. Over a three-year cycle, this technology will replace the traditional paper emergency plans. It began roll-out in Spring 2018, with full implementation anticipated by Spring 2019.


    Construction and Maintenance Projects

    Thanks to SPLOST, the one-penny education sales tax, hundreds of large and small maintenance projects occurred during the summer months while buildings were mostly empty of students and staff. Projects included finishwork, flooring and sitework as well as roofing and fire alarm replacements.

    Riverwood High School. This summer, construction crews completed the third floor of the new addition at Riverwood High School. The addition opened last fall and is the first phase of a complete replacement of the school. Work is currently progressing on a new cafeteria, a new media center, and additional instructional spaces.

    Turf and Track Replacements. Turf and track replacements occurred, or are in progress, at seven schools due to the natural lifespan of the existing materials: Alpharetta High School (track and turf replacement), Centennial High School (turf replacement), Chattahoochee High School (turf replacement), Creekside High School (track replacement), Riverwood High School (turf replacement), Roswell High School (track replacement) and Westlake High School (track and turf replacement).

    Renovations at 14 Schools. Renovation work occurred at 11 elementary schools – Bethune, Brookview, Campbell, Cogburn Woods, Hamilton E. Holmes, Lake Windward, Liberty Point, Manning Oaks, Parklane, Randolph, S.L. Lewis – and three middle schools, Camp Creek, Holcomb Bridge and Sandtown.


    New Propane-Powered Buses with Seat Belts

    Fulton County Schools is gradually converting its diesel transportation fleet to become propane-powered. Last year, 90 diesel buses were replaced by new propane-powered buses, and this fall, 97 more will replace older diesel models. Each of the new propane buses has three-point safety belts similar to what are found in passenger cars. Fulton County Schools is the first Georgia school district to have seat belts on its larger buses.


    Meal Prices

    Breakfast prices will increase $0.05 this year. With the nominal increase, the breakfast prices are now $1.10 for elementary schools and $1.25 for middle and high schools. The reduced breakfast price remains $0.30. Parents are able to join their student for a meal, pending teacher/administrator consent, at $1.60 for breakfast and $3.45 for lunch. For lunch, the cost will remain at $2.45 for elementary schools and $2.70 for middle/high schools, with the reduced price for disadvantaged students at $0.40.


    Free Breakfast and Lunch at Selected Schools

    Fulton County Schools will continue to offer the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) to 27 schools this year. The program provides students in those schools access to free breakfast and lunch. To qualify, a school must have 40% or more of its students eligible for free meals over a four-year period.

    The qualifying schools include: Asa G. Hilliard Elementary, Bethune Elementary, Brookview Elementary, Campbell Elementary, College Park Elementary, Conley Hills Elementary, Feldwood Elementary, C.H. Gullatt Elementary, Hamilton E. Holmes Elementary, Hapeville Elementary, Heritage Elementary, Lake Forest Elementary, Seaborn Lee Elementary, S.L. Lewis Elementary, Love T. Nolan Elementary, Liberty Point Elementary, Oakley Elementary, Palmetto Elementary, Parklane Elementary, Renaissance Elementary, Camp Creek Middle, McNair Middle, Paul D. West Middle, Woodland Middle, Banneker High, McClarin High, and Tri-Cities High.

    Parents of students attending the selected schools do not have to complete a meal application or pay any money for their child's school breakfast or school lunch in 2018-2019. However, if parents want their child to buy extra portions or approved snacks from the school café, they must send money or place money on their child's meal account.


    Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program

    Nineteen Fulton County elementary schools were selected by the Georgia Department of Education to participate in the USDA's Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program. This allows the School Nutrition Program to provide a free fresh fruit or vegetable snack to all students outside of the breakfast or lunch meal. The program introduces school children to a variety of free produce that they otherwise might not have the opportunity to sample, while also providing a nourishing snack to help fuel the students' brain and growing body during the school day. The 19 elementary schools selected are Asa G. Hilliard, Bethune, Brookview, Campbell, Conley Hills, Feldwood, C.H. Gullatt, Hamilton E. Holmes, Hapeville, Heritage, Lake Forest, Oakley, Palmetto, Seaborn Lee, S.L. Lewis, Mimosa, Love T. Nolan, Parklane, and College Park.