Class of 2024 Senior Spotlight

  • Continuing our tradition of recognizing graduating seniors, Fulton County Schools proudly launches its “Senior Spotlight: Class of 2024” web and video series. These 19 outstanding seniors – one from each high school – embody the spirit and fortitude of the Class of 2024. We are profiling high academic achievers, all-star athletes and award-winners, students with unusual or unique stories to share, and those who have beaten the odds to graduate.

    High school can be both an exciting and challenging time for students. Sometimes, life circumstances can "throw a wrench into the works." How we choose to respond to these unexpected challenges can be the difference between achieving success or just getting by.

    These seniors in the spotlight deserve to be recognized for overcoming obstacles and moving steadfast toward graduation. Class of 2024, we salute you for your grit and can-do attitude. We wish you the best in all your future endeavors.


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  • Week Three
    Released May 15, 2024
    Week 3

Cambridge 2024 Senior Spotlight – Pouya Goodarzi


“He’s an inspiration,” said Cambridge High School counselor Jennifer Evans. “From where he came and where he is going, he’s an absolute inspiration.”

As a high school counselor, Evans sees the hardships students face every day. The tragedies Pouya Goodarzi has lived through are unimaginable. ...


FCS Innovation Academy 2024 Senior Spotlight - Mominatou Sady


Mominatou (Mo) Sady is FCS Innovation Academy’s first Senior Spotlight. Known affectionately as Mo, she wants to make a positive impact on people.

“I come from a big family, seven total including me,” Mo says. “I have two older brothers and two younger sisters. My parents are from Senegal on the west coast of Africa where Wolof is the native language.”...


Independence 2024 Senior Spotlight - Christian Falla-Cano


Christian Falla-Cano is Independence High School’s Senior Spotlight. The Columbian American student moved from Florida to Georgia in October 2023. In the brief time he has been enrolled in Independence, he has worked hard.

“I believe Christian was selected for Senior Spotlight because he came to Independence steadfast, had a mission to graduate and a plan,” said Ashley Ellis, Independence economics and business teacher.

Christian is happy his plan was recognized....


Johns Creek 2024 Senior Spotlight - Kyle Eggleston


Kyle Eggleston of Johns Creek High School (JCHS) is an inspiration.

“Kyle is a very good student,” says head football coach and interrelated teacher Jim Rowell. “He’s always on top of his work and does well in groups. Many players like working on projects with him.”

With the help of Coach Rowell, Kyle was brought on to the coaching staff as a student volunteer....


Langston Hughes 2024 Senior Spotlight - Jorden Bostic


When Jorden Bostic’s mother went into labor at the hospital without a doctor in the room, her brother, Josiah, was stuck in the birth canal and declared brain dead.

“He was pronounced dead for nine minutes and 38 seconds,” Jorden said. “He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and our family was told he wouldn’t be able to speak or talk.”...


Northview 2024 Senior Spotlight - Wynnson Zheng


Wynnson Zheng says before a high schooler signs up for a class or a club, there is an important question to ask. The senior at Northview High School says that question is: “Will this enhance my story? Will it further my story so I can tell a better narrative about myself?”

Wynnson has quite a story to share. At just eight years old, he was working in his father’s restaurant. ...


Tri-Cities 2024 Senior Spotlight - Rasheed Muhammad


Rasheed Muhammad, Tri-Cities High School, knows firsthand that life’s challenges are no reason to give up. He has faced adversities head-on and won, and his hard work and dedication to overcome have not gone unnoticed.

Tri-Cities Principal Dr. Ethel Lett says, “He's a student who represents resilience.” ...


  • Week Two
    Released May 8, 2024
    Week 2

Chattahoochee 2024 Senior Spotlight - Vitoria Guimaraes


Vitoria Guimaraes, a senior at Chattahoochee High School, knows the sheer will to change can be a powerful force. Teachers and staff see it in action – and say it is what makes her stand out.

“Vitoria is hardworking,” says Curtisa Johnson, head counselor at Chattahoochee. “She’s extremely composed. She’s ambitious.”...


F.A.V.E. 2024 Senior Spotlight - Andy Qu


“I don’t want him to leave yet,” says Dr. Cheryl Morris, a social studies teacher at the Fulton Academy of Virtual Excellence (FAVE). She is talking about FAVE senior Andy Qu, who is preparing to set out on the next chapter in his life.

Andy and other FAVE students work in a remote learning environment, and he makes the most of it. FAVE counselor Ashley Moore describes Andy as engaging. She says he is, “somebody that everyone loves to be around.” Moore says his conversations “keep you going – he has a great spirit, a great energy.”...


Global Impact Academy 2024 Senior Spotlight - Christina Jordan


Christina Jordan is Global Impact Academy’s (GIA) Senior Spotlight. She is the first senior to receive this recognition since GIA’s inception. Christina has exceled scholastically, as well as in business, extracurricular activities and community service. In her time at GIA, she has created an allergy-friendly cookie, founded a gardening club that is focused on sustainability, and is graduating early, completing her high school studies in three years....


Milton 2024 Senior Spotlight - Kylie McKay


Kylie McKay of Milton High School (MHS) is an AP student, a peer facilitator in the front office, and a long-time soccer player who was happy to lead her team as captain in her sophomore year.

But in her junior year, she got caught up in a situation that threw her mental health into a spiral. She credits MHS administration and faculty for their encouragement. She is inspired by social studies teacher Lisa Silverman, math teacher Catherine Bailey, English teacher Rebecca Deweese and Ms. Yancey who no longer works at Milton....


Riverwood International Charter 2024 Senior Spotlight - Ana Morales


Riverwood International Charter School senior, Ana Morales, shares a favorite quote. It is from a song by Columbian artist, Karol G. Translated from Spanish to English, Ana says it simply means, “tomorrow will be beautiful.”

Ana says, “I love that quote, because I relate to it a lot.”...


Westlake 2024 Senior Spotlight - Marie Thomas-Quick


Marie Thomas-Quick is Westlake High School’s Senior Spotlight. A resilient and tenacious student, Marie is an accomplished tennis player who has overcome adversity to advance to the top of her game and the top of her class.

“I had a high state ranking when I was 12 and 13 years old,” Marie said. “I played on the high school team all four years. I got Most Valuable Player (MVP) the last two years. Last season I was undefeated. Yes, I’ve come a long way from the four-year-old who was swinging a tennis racket.”...


  • Week One
    Released May 1, 2024
    Week 1

Alpharetta 2024 Senior Spotlight - Leila Alvarez


“I love learning about the world,” says Leila Alvarez.

Leila has a keen understanding of a concept it often takes a lifetime to comprehend. What you get out of each day, is what you put into it.

“Starting high school can be a little bit tricky,” says the Alpharetta High School senior. It was extra tricky for her and for seniors everywhere. They started their high school journey at the height of COVID-19 lockdowns....


Banneker 2024 Senior Spotlight - Haja Kabba


“You name it, Haja has done it,” says Banneker High School computer science teacher Latreskle Schofield.

Schofield is not exaggerating when she talks about Haja Kabba’s time at Banneker High School. She really has done just about everything....


Centennial 2024 Senior Spotlight - Lucy Sillitto


Lucy Sillitto is Centennial High School’s Senior Spotlight.

“Lucy represents those ideals found at Centennial, such as courage, honor and scholarship,’ said Centennial High Visual Arts teacher John Riggins. “She is just a wonderful student and works well with others and is a leader in the classroom.”...


Creekside 2024 Senior Spotlight - Lauren Jones


Creekside High School senior, Lauren Jones’ favorite quote is, "It always seems impossible until done," by Nelson Mandela. She shares that, “I love that quote because you have to be the change that you seek. You must take initiative and be that voice and be that light and be that beacon of hope for yourself or anyone you're representing.”

Jones has been leading her classmates since her sophomore year. She’s held the Student Government Association (SGA) president in the tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades, advised by Creekside teacher, Timothy Richmond....


North Springs 2024 Senior Spotlight - Laylah Frazier


North Springs High School senior Laylah Frazier credits her mom as having the biggest impact on her life.

“We have different interests and passions,” Laylah said. “She’s more of a creative, and I'm more into the sciences. But she's always pushed me to reach for the stars.” Balancing volleyball, cheerleading and JROTC, Laylah has learned time management....


Roswell 2024 Senior Spotlight - Christian Jimenez


Christian Jimenez of Roswell High School (RHS) has been purposeful, resilient, inclusive, devoted and is now an empowered valedictorian.

Christian is a STEM student with an aptitude for chemistry, math, and physics. He feels those subjects “explain how everything works in a tangible way.” He is amazed by the actions, interactions, and causative effects of an object, chemical or calculation....