FCS Budget Update for February 29, 2024

  • Budget Update
    February 2024

    Dear Fulton County Schools Community,

    The annual Fulton County Schools (FCS) budget proceedings are underway, and we pledge to remain transparent as we continue updating our community about the Fiscal Year 2025 planning process. Today’s message is part of a regular series of updates to help our employees, parents and stakeholders become familiar with key dates, milestones, and external considerations.

    State Funding
    The state legislature is reviewing the budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2024-25 as announced by Governor Brian Kemp in January. However, a final picture of state funding will not be complete until their work is done, which is expected in at the end of March. Concurrent with the legislature’s considerations, the district’s local budget process will go forward with staff presentations to the Board of Education over the next few months.

    Revenue Projections
    Fulton County Tax Commissioner Dr. Arthur E. Ferdinand and Chief Appraiser Roderick Conley presented an annual update to the School Board at the February 20 meeting, sharing that school tax collections remain consistent with last year and Fulton County is approaching a 99 percent tax collection rate this year. The remaining collections are expected by June 2024. At the time of his presentation, no new local exemption legislation has been passed at the Georgia General Assembly.  

    Budget Calendar for FY2025

        •  FY 2025 School Board Budget Parameters November 9, 2023
        •  FY2024 Midyear Budget Adjustments December 5, 2023
        •  FY 2025 School Allotment Formulas and Guidelines December 5, 2023
        •  Board Community Input March 2024
        •  FY2025 Enrollment forecasting presentation March 12, 2024
        •  Budget Markup #1 March 21, 2024
        •  Budget Markup #2 April 16, 2024
        •  Public Budget Hearing #1 May 7, 2024
        •  Salary Hearing #1 May 7, 2024
        •  Public Budget Hearing #2 May 15, 2024
        •  Salary Hearing #2 (if necessary) May 15, 2024
        •  Adoption of Tentative Budget/Tentative millage rates May 15, 2024
        •  Board Adopts Final Budget June 11, 2024
        •  Millage Rate Adoption Schedule TBD

    Please plan to stay engaged as we continue to share additional information with our community. More information about the budget process is available on the FCS website www.fultonschools.org/budgetservices and will be updated as the process moves forward.

    Fulton County Schools 

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