Pre-K Through Seniors: Summer Learning Has Students Covered

  • Posted 3/13/2024



    There are roughly 10 months in a regular school year in Fulton County. Families and teachers know a lot can happen over that stretch of time - both in and out of school. For students who need a little extra time, Fulton County School's (FCS) Summer Learning program is here to help.

    "This four-week experience is not just because students failed a course," says Yalanda Bell, executive director of Academic Programs for FCS. Bell says the program is also for students who, "might need to learn in a different environment."

    That environment includes smaller class sizes and targeted support for students who Bell says, "just need a little bit of a bridge between school years."

    This year, Summer Learning offers several new options. Some locations will have a program for rising Pre-K and Kindergarten students "to get our students into their academic learning a little bit earlier," says Bell. The elementary program is full day for the first time. And high schoolers can choose from several courses, including a new elective called "Tools for College Success," which Bell says focuses on "preparing to get our seniors ready for going through the college process." There is also a new credit recovery program.

    Summer Learning offers the same services as a regular school year, including breakfast, lunch, and bus transportation. The face-to-face program runs from June 5th through July 3rd.

    Fulton Virtual is an option for middle and high school students, running from June 5th through July 10th. Along with recovery in certain courses, students can accelerate learning.

    The calendars for the face-to-face and virtual programs still give students the chance to get out and enjoy summer before the new school year starts on August 5th.

    Bell says Summer Learning offers, "lots of good choices" for students. FCS has features on its Summer Learning website to make it easier to choose which one is the best fit, including a quiz for high schoolers to streamline their options.

    As offerings expand, enrollment in the program is growing. Bell says over 8,000 students enrolled in face-to-face summer school last year with over 7,000 enrollments in Fulton Virtual.

    "The student-focused program is meant to provide a robust learning experience," says Bell. "It is a big initiative for our district."


    Our FCS Summer Learning staff members help our students maximize their potential through an engaging enrichment and academic curriculum... while also having fun!

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    McNair Middle School Summer Staff


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