• Seniors should wear appropriate attire for the graduation ceremony. Appropriate attire includes a collared shirt, tie, dress slacks, dress shoes, dress, blouse, and skirt. Flat shoes or lower heels are recommended as the graduate procession will travel through the amphitheater and down stairs. Seniors should not wear t-shirts, halter tops, tank tops, jeans, shorts, etc.

    During graduation rehearsal, seniors will be shown how to wear approved cords and stoles with their Cambridge regalia. Reminders:

    • The most important piece of regalia is the Cambridge Stole, which should be worn over any stoles or cords. For more information about wearing approved cords and stoles can be found at 2024 Graduation Regalia.
    • In keeping with the tradition of a dignified ceremony, decorated caps and other adornments will not be allowed. Graduates will be given a new cap if they arrive with a decorated hat. We only have a limited supply of extra caps. 
    • Once the graduation procession begins, gowns should be completely zipped and remain zipped throughout the ceremony.

    Please remove the items in your graduation package to ensure you have everything. All graduation packages were inspected. However, should you miss something, please come to the Bridge East office as soon as possible. It is the graduates' responsibility to ensure they have what they need when arriving at the graduation venue. We only have a limited supply of replacement pieces.